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Looking Into the California Room Addition

house-with-shaded-yardIn our previous post listing a few of the most popular room additions for homes, we wrote about the “California room.” If you live in Southern California, you may consider every room in your house to be a California room. But this specific kind of addition is for homes looking to get a full Southern California experience with an open-air space that combines the benefits of the indoors and the outdoors.

And just because you already live in California doesn’t mean you can’t make your home even more Californian with a beautiful space like this. We’re going to provide more details about the California room to help you visualize the possibilities. Our team of designers are glad to help you find out more about this and other ideas for room additions in Calabasas, CA and throughout the Los Angeles Area.

The California Room Basics

Also called a “Florida room” for folks on the East Coast, a California room is an ­open-air transition room, which means it transitions between the indoors and the outdoors of a house. You can think of it as like a covered porch, except it has many more amenities and is closer to feeling like an upscale sunroom, just with much more exposure to the outside. It’s not even a “room” in the strict sense because it doesn’t have four walls and can be technically considered an outdoor space.

The California room doesn’t have its beginnings in California (or even Florida), but rather in the Mediterranean, where covered porches for villas have been popular for hundreds of years in Italy and Greece. The California room is a popular trend, but it has roots in the ancient world—everybody likes the idea of sunny weather and fresh air in a comfortable environment, which is exactly what this transitional space offers.

The California room gives a home an extra area for relaxation and entertaining guests, and can contain numerous amenities that couldn’t normally be kept on a more exposed porch. They offer many opportunities for design ideas and lighting. A California room can be constructed from an existing open porch or patio area, or a sunroom or section of a large kitchen or living room with an outside wall that can be opened up to create the new space.

The Benefits of a California Room

A California room lets you enjoy the wonderful weather around the year in California without harsh sun exposure and the extra heat. You can even enjoy a rainy day from this space.

Some of the amenities a California room can contain include televisions, bars, dining areas, and even fireplaces. The furnishings don’t have to be limited to “patio furniture” that can withstand the outdoors: the room can be furnished as if it were an indoor space, which opens up the décor possibilities even more. A California room adds a touch of European elegance to a house and creates many more opportunities to entertain. They’re just great indoor-outdoor living options.

If you want the many benefits of a California room, call our team. They will ensure the addition of this type of room works with the rest of the house and that the transitional space is seamless and beautiful—exactly what you want from a luxury room.

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