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Homeowners: Everything You Need to Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom

November 30th, 2021

Bathroom renovations are an excellent way to give your space an updated look. The project also provides high resale value, with you recouping around 67.2% of the cost. However, remodeling involves careful planning and preparation. Here are some things to keep in mind before diving into the project.

1. Research Expenses

One of the first things you want to do is determine the cost of the renovation. It costs around $10,945 for an average bathroom remodel. Knowing this information can help you plan your budget and avoid surprise expenses. You want to factor in prices for labor, materials, demolition and permits.

The exact cost will vary based on factors, such as room size and the quality of materials. Also, you can reduce the price if you can do specific tasks, like demolition, yourself. However, it’s best to leave plumbing and electrical work to the professionals.

2. Come up With a Design Plan

Consider storage options when coming up with a design plan. You want to have enough space to hold your essential items, like toiletries and towels. Recessed storage cabinets and combination racks are good options.

Another important design element is paint colors. For a clean and calming look, go for whites or grays. Blue and greens are other soothing tones that bring in a sense of nature. If you want to go bold, red or pinks can brighten up a space.

Factor other design elements into your design plan, like lighting and mirrors. In addition to decorating, consider the placement of your plumbing and electrical systems.

3.  Don’t Make the Toilet the Focal Point

You don’t want the toilet to be the first thing people notice when they enter the space. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing feature. Many homeowners leave bathroom doors open, so you want something nice to look at. Tiled details, vanities and lighting can all make stunning focal points. Consider adding mosaic tiles to your shower wall or floors.

4. Keep Vintage Finishes

While you want to make your space feel brand new, some items may be harder to replace. For example, older wall tiles have several coats of concrete or wire lath. Removing it is complex and could increase labor costs. The average price for removing tile is $1.50-$4.15 per square foot, so consider keeping the decor and splurging on other items.

Plus, those antique finishes can make your bathroom stand out. Other features, such as clawfoot tubs, vintage lighting and older doors, can be kept. If you have an old-fashioned bureau, you can repurpose it to create a vanity.

5. Figure Out Your Lighting Scheme

Layering your lighting is an effective way to illuminate your space. Use a variety of task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting. Place lights around your vanity to help with everyday grooming, and use vertical fixtures mounted on both sides of the mirror to cast light across your face evenly.

Also, add recessed lighting inside your shower and over the toilet. If you need some more guidance, consult a professional designer.

6. Know Bathroom Dimensions

Understanding standard dimensions will ensure your fixtures fit properly within the room. It also helps you create an efficient design layout. Knowing how much space you need for a toilet or tub is essential, so you also should research the typical sizes of these items. For example, a standard bathtub takes up about 13 square feet of floor space.

When planning your measurements, make sure you get the right height for your sink. Start by measuring your countertop, and then determine how much space your sink will add or take away from its height. If you have an above-counter vessel sink, you’ll want to lower the counter.

7. Place Your Sink in the Corner

Having a corner sink can make the space feel more open. It can also be helpful if multiple people use the room at once or your door swings open wide. Pair your sink with a deck-mounted faucet, which is easy to install. Then add wall-mounted accessories, such as a toothbrush holder, to increase storage space.

8. Consider Your Vanity Options

Your sink provides function and aesthetic appeal, so you want to find one that matches the room. The first step is ensuring it’s the right size. To do this, measure your bathroom and determine the vanity placement beforehand. Along with size, consider height. Base this measurement on the people who will use it most frequently, whether that’s you or your kids.

You also want to make sure it has plenty of storage space and is made with quality materials. Wooden veneers and laminates are good choices — just be sure to seal and lacquer the wood first.

9. Add Some High-End Items

Bathrooms are smaller spaces, so you can splurge on a few high-end finishes. Look into elegant materials for walls, floors and countertops. Marble or granite counters are popular materials to use. Adding a few high-budget fixtures can enhance the look of your space.

Tile flooring and custom cabinets are other elements that can elevate your bathroom.

10. Turn Your Tub Into a Shower

If you prefer to take showers, then your bathtub is taking up valuable space. Turning it into a shower is an affordable way to transform it into a more functional area. Plus, you already have the plumbing set up, and adding a shower increases your storage space. You can also add a few shelves inside to hold your shampoos.

Install a low-flow faucet, which can conserve water and lower your energy bills.

11. Look for Slip-Resistant Flooring

Your bathroom often gets wet, and when the water builds up, it can cause people to slip. Adding small tiles in the shower creates more friction, preventing falls. Ceramic, porcelain, natural stone or cement are all excellent choices. They come in various styles and are easy to maintain.

12. Ask for References for Contractors

Finding the right contractor ensures the renovation runs smoothly. Before starting, ask for references from friends and family. Also, see if you can reach out to previous clients. You can even request pictures from past remodeling projects.

How to Plan Your Bathroom Remodel

Renovating your bathroom can increase its function and value and also turn it into a relaxing retreat. Keep these things in mind for a successful remodel and a place you can be proud of.

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10 Fun Home Additions You Should Treat Yourself to This Winter

November 22nd, 2021

Wintertime happens to be the season when people spend the most time at home, and that means it’s even more important to have a space that you love and want to spend lots of time in. Whether you’ve been thinking about making some renovations to your home already or you’ve simply been eyeing up a few fun changes that you think would make great additions to your home, there are so many options to spruce up your space this winter, whether you’re interested in getting a little luxurious or even a little bit rustic. Here are some fabulous ideas that you can check out.

1. A Home Gym

If you love to get your blood pumping, either at the gym outside of your home or inside with at-home, DIY-style workouts, you may want to consider installing a home gym setup to help you in your workout journey. Especially during the wintertime when nobody wants to leave the house and the weather can prevent you from heading to the gym, having a home gym can be a serious blessing.

2. A Sauna

Whether this is an addition to the home gym you’ve already got going or you simply want to find a little heat regardless, installing a sauna in your home can be the truly luxurious experience you’re hoping for. Not only does basking in a sauna give you a warm and relaxed feeling, but it also offers a variety of health benefits that you can enjoy all season long. If you like to sweat it out post-workout, this could be a great choice for you.

3. Game Room

This one can be for the kiddos, but it can also definitely be for you, too. If you don’t have a game room in your home, installing one can bring a bit of designated fun space that winter calls for. Without outdoor space or outdoor activities to keep you busy, a bit more fun indoors might be necessary. Think about stashing some board games, installing a pool table, or even having a video game station in order to keep everything flowing.

4. Walk-In Closet

This one is definitely more for the grown-ups in the equation, because of course you deserve a little treat, too. If you’ve always loved the idea of a walk-in closet but haven’t had the chance to install one for yourself yet, this winter could be the perfect time to take the steps on that renovation. Whether it’s the winter sweaters that have let you know that you should look into expanding your closet space or you simply want the opportunity to plan out this step with intention, now could be the perfect time to get started.

5. Home Office

With everybody working from home nowadays, building a home office often feels like a necessity. Whether you’re new to the work from home lifestyle, you simply want a place to escape to in order to get some personal work done, or you’ve been hunched over that dining room table for years now, creating a space for working and being productive within your home is a value that goes unmatched.

6. A Study

Similar to a home office, you can also make some space for a study in your home if you want something with a little bit more ambiance. From cascading bookshelves to comfortable chairs, creating a study is one of the most fun and interesting ways to utilize a spare room. Especially if you tend to have a multi-purpose room already, this can be a fantastic choice.

7. A Movie Room

You don’t need to go entirely into the home theater bubble in order to create a place for everyone to enjoy their favorite movies and shows. If you tend to be a family that likes cozying up and viewing together, the wintertime is the perfect opportunity to be a little bit more intentional about the space you do it in. Whether you place your movie room in the basement or you utilize a spare room to make it happen, there are so many possibilities.

8. A Hot Tub

If you really want a chance to warm up with a bit of luxury on your side, you might want to consider installing a hot tub in one of your outdoor spaces for the wintertime. Even when it’s snowing and cold outside, the point of a hot tub is that you can warm up no matter the season. There’s something magical about sitting in a warm pool of relaxation as you watch the snowflakes come down around you. If that sounds like fun, a hot tub might be for you.

9. An Entertainment Center

Different from a movie room, installing an entertainment center in your home can be a great way to bring the family together and make the indoors a little bit more appealing as the weather gets frightful outside. By setting up a system that allows you and everybody in your household to play music, video games, and watch movies with ease, you can make the winter a bit more entertaining.

10. Get Smart

Although smart home technology might not be the most whimsical investment, it definitely can be a fun way to treat yourself if you want to add a home feature that feels new and exciting. Smart home technology has plenty of capabilities, and it’s up to you to decide which ones are the most important to you.

Whether you prefer to focus on automatic lighting, the entertainment system, or home security features, there are so many ways you can customize a smart home system to work for you and your family.

Home Additions for the Winter

Winter is a time when people are spending more time than ever in their homes, and that means you deserve to make your home exactly what you want it to be. Whether that means adding a home gym, a sauna, a walk-in closet, or even smartening up your home with all kinds of new gadgets, there are so many ways to make sure you and your family are as comfortable and happy as can be. Are you planning on adding any new additions to your home this winter?

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How You Can Enliven an Old Kitchen With a Remodel

November 22nd, 2021

Kitchen-with-IslandHomeowners have many reasons to decide to have their kitchen remodeled. They may have a growing family and need more space. Perhaps they’ve taken a greater interest in cooking and want a kitchen that makes that easier. Or they could want to make the kitchen a better multi-use space that makes everything from entertaining to more family time easier. 

And there’s the most common reason of all—to update a drab, old kitchen with something that looks new and more inviting. Fewer remodeling jobs can invigorate a whole house the way a kitchen remodel can.

We’ll look at only a few ways you can turn a dim, dull, and dour older kitchen into something amazing. With the help of a great general contractor in Malibu, CA, you can transform your kitchen with these ideas.

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How to Convert Your Garage into a Home Office

November 19th, 2021

man-working-in-home-officeMany people started working from home in the past two years because of the pandemic. This relatively new lifestyle created a need for a functional workspace in almost every household. Some were lucky enough to have a spare room they could turn into a home office.

However, most people used kitchen counters, dining tables, or even windowsill desks as their office. While this is very creative, it’s not always convenient, especially if you have a big family. So, if you’re running out of options for a functional workspace in your home and you have a garage, we have good news! You can convert your garage into a home office you so desperately need. And we’re here to tell you exactly how to do it!

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Kitchen Design Trends to Start Planning for in 2022

November 16th, 2021

You spend most of your time in the kitchen, whether you’re preparing family meals, hosting dinner parties or just hanging out with friends. Therefore, having a functional and beautiful space is essential. Here are some design trends to look out for in 2022.

1. Keeping It Simple

Minimalism, in which designers use less furniture and focus on essential items, creates an open and airy atmosphere. Investing in smart technology allows for more cordless and voice-activated appliances. You can then control multiple devices from your phone, reducing clutter.

Clean lines, neat surfaces, and neutral or light colors are all features of a minimalist style. The first step in creating this look is increasing your storage space by hiding small appliances or decorative bowls. Then, paint your wall a calming tone, like white or gray. A chrome faucet and plain, solid-colored cabinet knobs make for a great finishing touch.

2. Going Bold With Paint Colors

Natural tones have their place, but adding color can help liven things up. You can add pops of color to your walls or kitchen cabinets. Earth tones, such as navy blues and greens, can have a soothing effect. If you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated look, try black cabinets.

If you want to add more character to your walls, use purple, deep red or peach. You can also create an accent wall by painting it a different color. It can make for a unique focal point.

3. Mixing Different Textures

Mixing is a great way to personalize your kitchen. Use cool and warm tones in metallics, woods and paint. For example, green cabinets with golden fixtures are a beautiful combination. You can also incorporate different textures, such as stones and metal. Try a brick backsplash with a marble countertop.

Place sharp angles and organic curves next to each other. You can even blur the kitchen and living room lines by adding comfy chairs to the corner.

 4. Creating Layers

You can layer textures, patterns or lighting. To do this, start with one design and vary it in different areas of the room or change up the color. When layering your lights, have a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting.

You can create layering through colorful rugs or window treatments as well. Remember to start with the main color scheme, so everything matches. Consider using popular interior hues like greens or blues for your base.

5. Installing an Island

Islands are prominent features in many homes. They give you more space to eat and entertain. You can make yours stand out by painting it a different color than your cabinets and adding a pendant light above the feature.

Another popular trend is to have a double island. Place a bar-style version on the outside edge of the room and a task-oriented one in the middle. Once the island is installed, spruce it up by surrounding it with a brick backsplash. You can also add some fun chairs to make the feature more functional.

 6. Avoiding Cabinet Knobs

To go along with the minimalist trend, remove some of your decorative knobs. Having flat front cabinets can enhance this simple style. Keep in mind shiny pulls take away attention from the beautiful wooden material.

However, you can still update the cabinets themselves. Consider having two-tone cupboards, which improve the aesthetic appeal and increase resale value. Cream and green work well together. Whatever color you decide, use the darker hue on the bottom.

 7. Adding Dark Oak and Walnut Textures

Oak and walnut have finer lines and that classic wooden appearance. Using them in your design can bring in natural elements and create a relaxing space. Walnut has a deep color that blends well with neutral color palettes. Dark stained oak adds a gray color that matches perfectly with the minimalist trends.

Consider installing some walnut or oak cabinets to enhance your kitchen. You can also use these materials in your flooring or breakfast table.

8. Incorporating Natural Elements

Bringing in elements from nature is a popular interior design trend. They can create a relaxing space to destress and allow you to add more colorful decorations.

Consider using materials such as stone, cement and wood for your kitchen structures.

Add cement countertops and wooden cabinets, and bring in some wooden chairs and house plants. In addition, you can incorporate a brick backsplash.

9. Designing With a Glazed Tile Backsplash

Tile backsplashes are a popular choice for homeowners. However, there is a trend toward having a more glossy finish to reflect light and make the space feel more open. Consider using earthy tones, like blues or greens, for a beautiful look. You can also go classic and stick with white tiles.

Whatever color you choose, consider porcelain or ceramic for its water-resistant properties. You can also add some character with subway or mosaic-style tiles.

10. Appropriating Vintage and Antique Items

Antique items can make a home feel more personalized and unique, and farmhouse kitchen furniture creates a rustic and cozy atmosphere. Look for tables or dressers at vintage fairs and antique shops.

You can also add vintage lighting, like older chandeliers, or use an antique black table as a kitchen island. Another way to add older items is through your decorations, such as old rugs or historical artwork.

11. Using Glass Partitions

Having separate spaces is necessary as more people work from home. Using glass partitions allows you to see the kitchen from other rooms, giving the area an open feel. The glass surface also reflects light, making the room appear larger. Plus, the wall prevents cooking odors from spreading to the rest of the house.

12. Having Metal Hoods

These features create a stunning and eye-catching focal point and interrupt the smooth lines formed by the cabinets. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, metal hoods are durable and easy to clean.

Best Design Trends to Add to Your Kitchen

Remodeling projects are a great way to improve the function and value of your space. Since you spend a good portion of the day in your kitchen, you want it to feel comfortable and cozy. Keep these design trends in mind for your next renovation project.

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How to DIY Your Next Roof Maintenance With Equipment Roof Hatches

November 16th, 2021

Your roof is the primary defense of your property against the harsh elements of mother nature. Its upkeep is one of the most critical things to consider because it could cause extensive and expensive damage if not maintained correctly. Not all people can afford to hire a roofing professional, so you might decide to do DIY maintenance.

Though it is not advisable if you are new, you have a choice to do DIY maintenance, and here are the things that you could do:

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All You Need To Know About HVAC Access Doors And Panels

November 16th, 2021

Safety is the first thing that businesses will always consider, especially in building structures. Ensuring everyone’s safety from any potential hazards is essential, including dust, moisture, and mold buildup in the HVAC system ductworks. The ductwork problems can lead to air quality issues and health hazards to the building occupants. They can also lead to issues in the building components like the HVAC system and the ductwork system.

The primary reason why they incorporate HVAC access doors and panels is to provide quick and easy access to HVAC mechanical systems and ducting systems, especially during a periodic or regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance, whether in a commercial or residential building structure. Also, these access panels cover the AHU or Air Handler Units, Ductworks systems, and any other HVAC components. Safe access panels for HVAC systems and ductworks usually consist of a hinged door and integral frame, and also it is primarily installed in the central sheet-metal duct.

They can be non-thermal or thermal and available in any size. It has stainless steel or galvanized steel materials with a sturdy double-shell design and a flow optimizer to prevent turbulence. Some HVAC access panels have a finish of baked enamel depending on the specific requirement of its application. Its materials are suitable for continuous exposure to cold, heat, humidity, and corrosion resistance.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In High-Security Access Panels

November 16th, 2021

In any commercial project, it is essential to prioritize security. A successful building comes from dedicated planning, hard work, and specific components. They make up the whole structure of the property, such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical systems, and security. These components are critical to ensure the facility’s functionality. Since it often includes valuables and confidential information, it is ideal for protecting these assets with reliable high-security access panels.

As the name suggests, its principal function is to provide efficient security measures by protecting your building components from unauthorized access. It offers substantial benefits and features that most buildings do not hesitate to install. Due to the increasing demand for security doors, manufacturers have dramatically improved their capabilities and qualities to keep up with even the most specific business needs.

High-security panels are ideal for banks, correctional facilities, hospitals, laboratories, offices, and residential properties. Its versatility to provide extra security for any venue is one of the reasons why companies invest in one.

But aside from security, are there other advantages to installing a security access door? Let us uncover some of the notable benefits you can gain when you decide to incorporate one into your business.

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Decorating Your Newly Renovated Home on a Budget

November 9th, 2021

Renovations are an excellent way to freshen up your space and increase your home’s value when you’re ready to sell. Once all the work is complete, it’s time to get to the fun part — decorating. It gives you a chance to put your personal touch on your project. Here are some tips for those on a budget.

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What You Can Do With a Major Bedroom Remodel

November 8th, 2021

ductless-mini-split-in-bedroomWe often talk about remodeling home kitchens and bathrooms on our blog, because these are the rooms that receive the most attention and which require the most extensive work to remodel. But many homeowners also invest in making changes to their bedrooms. In some cases, a bedroom “remodel” can be as simple as new paint and putting in new furniture. But you might be looking for something more extensive, and in cases where significant construction is a factor, you’ll want to contact a general contractor in Hidden Hills, CA to take care of most of the work.

We’re going to look at some of the changes you may want to include in an extensive bedroom remodel. Our team will work closely with you to help you realize the final product you envision. 

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