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The 4 Best Reasons to Hire a General Contractor for Home Construction

blueprints-for-house-constructionWhen you’re looking to build your dream house, you have options for how to plan the construction. One way many people go about it is through the process of hiring all the contractors themselves. The philosophy on this is that it “takes out the middleman” that comes with hiring a general contractor, and therefore it saves time, money, and eliminates hassles.

Except… none of this is true. Trying to handle the slew of contractors on your own with a construction manager to coordinate them is a risk. The best route is to go with the general contractor who works with subcontractors—or has all of them in-house—and then gives you an estimate.

There are many reasons to hire a general contractor when you’re planning home construction. Here are the four best:

ONE: Knowledge of building codes

This important detail often slips past customers’ notice. The work of any subcontractor must be able to pass building code inspections. A quality general contractor keeps close track of the work done on the project and can tell when work is done that isn’t up to code. It’s part of the job of a general contractor to keep up to date on the local code and all its different variants. A building manager doesn’t come with the same knowledge.

TWO: It saves you time

The idea of cutting out a middleman to save time is the complete reverse of the truth. A general contractor with experience knows how to streamline construction, from the first permits to the finishing touches. The contractor handles all the various other subcontractors to ensure everyone sticks to the schedule and can fix any problems that crop up quickly, usually without having to pester you with the details. A good contractor can take weeks or even months off the construction schedule.

THREE: It saves you money

Cutting out the middleman doesn’t save money either—because that “middleman,” the knowledgeable general contractor—keeps the project on track and stops expensive mistakes. A general contractor also can buy materials in bulk to lower the costs. Finally, because a general contractor is more likely to get the project done right, the value of the new home will be much higher.

FOUR: Licensing and insurance

General contractors must have a state license to work, and they must also have liability insurance and worker’s compensation. This is essential because it shields you from liability for any accidents that may occur to workers on the job site. When you have a licensed and insured general contractor, you know you have an overseer who understands safety standards and has you protected in case anything goes wrong.

But don’t just hire any general contractor in Calabasas, CA or elsewhere in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Not all general contractors have the same experience, skill, or an extensive portfolio of successful projects for satisfied clients. Even better, we don’t need to deal with subcontractors, because we keep all parts of your building project under a single roof. This makes your savings in money and time even greater. Our builders, engineers, and architects work together for your benefit.

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