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Serving the Los Angeles Area for Over 16 years

Residential Development Investment Opportunities in Los Angeles, CA

Are you interested in entering the exciting world of residential development? Do you have startup capital which you have been saving until the right project comes along? The experts at Advanced Builders & Contractors in Los Angeles may have just the opportunity you are looking for. Invest with us and know that your investment is protected by our 10+ years of experience in the development industry. Contact us today to discuss the finer details of how you can break into the development game. We understand that it can be difficult to find a business partner you can trust enough to get involved with. After working with Advanced Builders & Contractors and reviewing our past achievements, we suspect you will have the same confidence in our abilities that our large customer base does. Call now to learn more.

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Why Consider Entering the Development Investment Business in LA County?

There are a lot of people in the area looking for a custom home that will suit their lifestyle. When you invest capital with Advanced Builders & Contractors, you can play a role in creating the type of home that such clients are interested in. A home development is a tangible investment and one where you can actually see the ways in which your money is being put to good use. Our contractors are some of the finest in the business, and when prospective homeowners see the quality of work we do, it is only a matter of time before our joint development sells.

So where does the investor come into play? When Advanced Builders & Contractors secures an investor, both the investor and our company will purchase a property together. We are not looking for full upfront costs from our investor. Instead, initial costs are shared in the same way that the eventual profits are split: 50/50. We have the good faith in our capabilities to put our own money into the deal because we have proven to ourselves time and time again that we produce an outstanding final product. That is what it all comes down to.

We have built our reputation on the exceptional workmanship and quality of our services. A big part of our success has been our belief in open communication. When someone hires us to build them a home, we work closely with that client to ensure their vision is fully realized. When it comes to our investors, we believe that this high level of communication is still the key to a successful project.

An Example of a Residential Development Investment Opportunity

If a residential property is purchased at $1 million, the down payment will be 25%. With construction costs at another $1 million, plus carrying a mortgage for about a year and the miscellaneous fees being in the $60,000 range, total debt should be expected at around $2 million with an initial out of pocket expense of $1.3 million. The property will be sold for a minimum of $4 million, and every cent of the profits will be split 50/50 between our company and you, the investor. If you know a great business opportunity when you see one, feel free to contact the professional Los Angeles, CA developers at Advanced Builders & Contractors today. We look forward to doing business with you.