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Serving the Los Angeles Area for Over 16 years

Need a General Contractor in Hollywood Hills?
We offer Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation Services

You need to know that your construction and remodeling projects are in good hands for your Hollywood Hills, CA home, and that they are completed properly with an attention to both quality and detail. There is one easy way that you can guarantee you receive the home improvement you require, and that is to hire Advanced Builders & Contractors.

If you need a general contractor, home builder, or bathroom, kitchen or home remodeling services in Hollywood Hills, CA, Advanced Builders & Contractors of Los Angeles County is the company to trust, brining more than 10 years of experience to the table!

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A Bathroom Remodeling Project is No Easy Task

You shouldn’t expect functionality alone from your bathroom. It should also be representative of the style and sensibility running throughout the rest of your home. So why not schedule professional bathroom remodeling in Hollywood Hills, CA?

By remodeling your bathroom, you can boost the value of your home while also enjoying your time there more. But you must be sure that your bathroom remodel is completed by a qualified bathroom remodeling contractor. That is why Advanced Builders & Contractors is the company to call. So when considering a bathroom remodel, don’t hesitate – reach out to us for help!

Consider Us When Choosing a General Contractor in Hollywood Hills

When you hire general contractors in Hollywood Hills, CA, you are putting a lot of faith in those individuals. That is why you really have to take the time to ensure that you are making the right choice. When you do your homework and take the time to find a great general contractor, you will likely see our name come up again and again.

Do not waste your time looking for multiple contractors to handle different services. Got to the general contractors in Hollywood Hills, CA with the architects, engineers, designers and everyone else all in one convenient place. We want to complete your project with as little stress and confusion as possible.

Our Custom Home Builders Have Decades of Experience

Your home may be the biggest investment you will ever make. Because of this, you really need to have faith in the team responsible for building your home. When you hire our home builders in Hollywood Hills, CA, you can enjoy truly outstanding service from qualified contractors.

When you hire home builders that have planners, designers and architects on the same team, your home will be up before you know it. We want to have you in your house as soon as possible, but never at the expense of quality. Allow our West Hollywood Hills, CA home builders to provide you with everything you need to move into the house of your dreams.

Use Our Kitchen Remodeling Services to Get Your Dream Kitchen Remodel

Does your kitchen inspire you? Is it at least comfortable and convenient? We hate to think of homeowners compromising in any way when it comes to their satisfaction with any area of their home. By scheduling kitchen remodeling services with us, you can enjoy the kitchen remodel you have always wanted.

Make your kitchen more convenient in any number of ways. New countertops to facilitate cleanup, added cabinetry for additional space, or a complete overhaul of the floor plan can all help you enjoy your time in the kitchen more. Contact us today if you are considering hiring a kitchen contractor to perform kitchen remodeling in Hollywood Hills, CA.

Great Remodeling Contractors Are Not a Dime–a–Dozen

Advanced Builders & Contractors is the company to call when you need professional remodeling contractors in Hollywood Hills, CA. We have decades of experience under our belts, and we employ exceptional designers, builders and contractors to complete any job in a timely manner. Call our Hollywood Hills remodeling contractors today for more details about all that our remodeling contractors can do for you.

Do not compromise when it comes to your home. You need to be completely satisfied with it, inside and out. This is where you will live for much of, if not all, your life. That is not something to take lightly. If you want to improve your home in any way, our remodeling contractors in Hollywood Hills, CA can handle the job.

Have a Leak or Need a New Roof? Use Our Roofers

The roof over your head is, of course, one of the most important components of your home. It is also very exposed and subject to very harsh conditions. Roofing materials are quite durable, and with a professional roofing installation or replacement, you can count on years of great quality from your roof. Even so, eventually you will probably find that roofing services in Hollywood Hills, CA are necessary. When this time comes, give our Hollywood Hills roofing contractors a call.

From roofing installations and replacements to roofing repairs and upgrades, our roofers can handle any roofing services you may need. Contact us for more information about the many ways we can improve your roof so as to keep your home dry and your property protected. Without a great roof atop your home, this is just not possible. Schedule roofing services in Hollywood Hills, CA today.

Expanding Your Family or Need More Space? Consider Room Additions

There are a lot of different reasons why families decide to schedule room additions in Hollywood Hills, CA. You may have a new baby on the way, or the kids may be getting too old to share a room. You may need to make your home more accommodating for elderly or disabled residents. It is also possible that you just want a little extra space or a place to keep your guests comfortable. Whatever the reasoning behind your room addition is, Advanced Builders & Contractors can get the job done right.

We can add a bedroom or kitchen onto your home, or even a whole second story addition, if wanted. Plus, our work is always of the highest quality, as are our materials. No matter what you need for a successful room addition in Hollywood Hills, CA, we are happy to oblige. Let us help you get more out of the house you live in by adding on to it to better accommodate your needs.

Save Money: Consider Artificial Grass and Drought Resistant Landscaping

Artificial grass used to be a bad joke, but like everything else, the technology has improved, and here in Hollywood Hills, CA, it can be an absolute lifesaver. Numerous homes and businesses are turning to artificial grass as a means of developing drought resistant landscaping. Even NFL football stadiums are using it, not only because it looks good, but because you can conduct all of the activities you normally would on natural grass with no issues. And it does all of that without forcing you to use any water in our parched state. Call Advanced Builders & Contractors today to get the process started!

If you’re looking to remodel your home, call Advanced Builders & Contractors. We have been providing quality construction, home remodeling and roofer services from the Sunset Strip to the Hollywood Hills since 1988. Request an estimate today!