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Remodel to Accommodate a Disability in Los Angeles, CA

People with disabilities have enough mobility issues to face throughout the course of the day without having to come home to an inconveniently designed home. There are always challenges that homeowners and residents with limited mobility will encounter, but remodeling your home to accommodate a disability is a great way to make the daily grind less of an ordeal. With the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) services we offer, you can make your home just as convenient and comfortable for disabled residents as it is for those with full mobility. If you wish to learn more about increasing the quality of life for residents in your home with disabilities, call Advanced Builders & Contractors today and we can explain to you how we can remodel your Los Angeles, CA home to accommodate those with disabilities.

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What Can I Expect When I Remodel My Home to Accommodate People with Disabilities?

If you live with a disabled person, or even if you are temporarily disabled, it can become clear very quickly just how unfriendly many aspects of your home can be to people in this situation. Thankfully, by scheduling a remodeling appointment with us, you can learn more about making your LA home much more user friendly for those residents in wheelchairs or dealing with another physical disability. There are many different options to consider when improving your home to accommodate these mobility issues.

Access Ramps

With a well–designed, sturdy access ramp properly installed and constructed with high quality materials, people with disabilities can have the independence they need when coming and going freely. Call today if your home needs any access ramps to make physically disabled friends and family members lives that much easier.

Roll In Showers

Even getting ready for the day each morning can subject those with a disability to difficulties. Claw foot tubs are out of the question, but for many people, even low shower walls can be a problem. By remodeling your bathroom to include roll in showers, anyone can easily get into and out of the shower to start the day off or clean up before bed. The bathroom can be one of the most problematic rooms in the house for a disabled person, but we can help make its fixtures and amenities much more manageable. Also consider incorporating seats in your shower and grab bars in the area to aid in getting in and out of a wheelchair with more ease.

Cabinet and Countertop Adjustments

Another major hurdle for disabled homeowners, residents or guests is the height at which cabinets, countertops and other fixtures are often placed. By lowering or even mechanizing cabinets and countertops to rise up and down, this problem can be eliminated. Widening areas beneath the sink and rerouting drains and water supply lines may be necessary to create the leg room necessary for comfort, and detachable water faucets are a must.

Call today to make the kitchen and all other rooms in your home more disabled–friendly by scheduling a disability remodel with Advanced Builders & Contractors.