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Site Plans in Los Angeles, CA by Advanced Builders & Contractors

The days of surveying land and erecting a structure wherever you’d like are long past. There are a lot of different requirements which must be met before work on your construction project can even begin. In order to ensure that your construction project is in compliance with all codes and requirements, detailed site plans are necessary. Call the site plan specialists at Advanced Builders & Contractors to ensure that your site plan has every detail needed to get your new construction project going. We have years of experience with handling these needs, and we are happy to get the ball rolling for you. The experts at Advanced Builders & Contractors offer general contracting, remodeling, home builder and home improvement services throughout the Los Angeles, CA area.

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What Do Site Plans Entail?

A site plan is essentially a collection of information about the proposed construction project designed by your general contractor to ensure compliance with all local zoning and construction regulations. This site plan must pass review by a committee before the construction project can be completed. Because of this, it is essential that your site plan is prepared by a qualified professional. Do not get caught up in red tape and suffer delays to your project because your site plans are improperly handled. Call Advanced Builders & Contractors in Los Angeles and get everything you need for a successful review of your site plans with no unnecessary delays.

Your site plans must be very thorough and address a number of different factors. The basic floor plan of your new construction project must be provided, and both the new structure and its relation to existing structures must be shown. Elevations must also be provided, which will detail the face of a building with all visible features shown. This will also detail the materials to be used in the project. The landscape and hardscape will also be detailed, along with the rooftop structure and equipment thereon. Even components such as down spouts and run offs must be addressed. If this all sounds overwhelming, do not worry! When you work with a professional general contractor to prepare your site plans in Los Angeles, CA, you can count on the thorough, proper completion of the task. Just do not take any chances with the preparation of this information. Call Advanced Builders & Contractors to ensure that everything is done in accordance with Los Angeles and California laws.

For Quality Site Plans in Los Angeles, call Advanced Builders & Contractors

Advanced Builders & Contractors understands how daunting the new construction process can be. Do not let it get the best of you. Contact a professional member of our team to ask any questions you may have about the site planning process. We are guessing you’ll have a few. The good news is that we have the answers to them all. We will make sure that your new construction project gets off on the right foot, and that everything is in order to guarantee the smooth operation and successful project completion you need.

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