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Serving the Los Angeles Area for Over 16 years

Landscaping Services in Los Angeles, CA

The professional landscaping contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors are available to spruce up your landscaping in Los Angeles, CA by any means necessary. Residential properties can benefit greatly from exceptional landscaping services, making outdoor areas more visually pleasing, inviting, and easier to navigate. Contact us today to discuss all of the landscaping services we offer with a professional member of our team. What we can do for you goes far beyond mowing the lawn and trimming back the hedges. Our professional landscapers can transform your property from boring to visually striking with a variety of outstanding landscaping options. Call now to get started. We look forward to improving the outdoor elements of your property.

Call 888-930-1030 for landscaping in the Los Angeles Metro area or click here to request an estimate

Schedule a Hardscape Update in Los Angeles, CA

While landscaping is pretty standard vernacular, many property owners may not have heard the term "hardscape" before. In the industry, though, it is a vital component of any landscaping project, despite the property owner being familiar with the term or not. Hardscape basically refers to elements of your landscaping which are not earthen, including retaining walls, foundations, shoring, caissons, piles and more. Different hardscaping projects require different tools, equipment and materials, and Advanced Builders & Contractors has access to them all. Structural steel, metal work, grade beams, re–compaction services and erosion control are all important services that only a Los Angeles, CA landscaping and hardscape specialist should handle. Call now to learn more about hardscaping.

Landscape Remodeling in Los Angeles, CA

Are you unhappy with the layout of your lawn or garden for any reason? Did you inherit the current design of your landscaping and always felt as if it is not a great fit for you? Why put up with landscaping which fails to inspire? Your landscaping is one of the defining characteristics of your property. Make sure that it is representative of your style, sensibilities and preferences. Call the landscaping contractors on our team and work with a qualified landscaper to remodel the characteristics of your landscaping. We want you feel at home on your Los Angeles property, both inside and out.

Retaining Walls in Los Angeles, CA

A retaining wall is, naturally, a wall which retains. If you have a hilly yard which you would like to segment for gardening or design purposes, or if you have water which must be held back, you need the services of a Los Angeles landscaper, with a specialization in retaining walls. Do not waste your time with novice landscapers or inferior materials. Work with Advanced Builders & Contractors and get the quality retaining wall you need on your property.

Water Features in Los Angeles, CA

When you live in a hot and sometimes dry area like LA, the soothing sound of running water can be a real point of relaxation. If you are interested in incorporating any water features on your property, give us a call. We can work with you to design any water features you may think of, from fountains to pools and ponds. With our excavation equipment and landscaping skills, your water feature visions can become reality before you know it.

Don’t trust your landscaping and hardscaping needs with a novice — call the experts at Advanced Builders & Contractors for quality and experience you can depend on.