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Serving the Los Angeles Area for Over 16 years

Demolition in Los Angeles, CA by Advanced Builders & Contractors

We may be exceptional builders and contractors, but sometimes you have to get rid of the old before you can move on with the new. If you need a new structure, retaining wall, deck, patio or any other construction project completed, but the old one is still hanging around, our demolition experts can clear the area safely and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our demolition services. Not only will we ensure that your property is not destroyed in the demolition process, but we will handle all of the demolition site planning and clean up, as well as the teardown itself. Let us help you bring your home to the next level. Call Advanced Builders & Contractors today for truly outstanding demolition in Los Angeles, CA.

The experts at Advanced Builders & Contractors offer general contracting, remodeling, home builder and home improvement services throughout the Los Angeles, CA area.

Call 888-930-1030 for demolition in the Los Angeles Metro area or click here to request an estimate

Why Hire a Professional to Handle Your Demolition in Los Angeles, CA?

While the idea of completing a demolition project may sound fun or exciting, professional demolition contractors understand that this is a service requiring meticulous planning, precise workmanship, and specialized equipment. If you have a tree house falling apart out back, then by all means grab the crowbar and get to work. However, if you want to ensure that your concrete foundation is completely removed, that any partial demolition is completed without damage to nearby structures, and that as much material as possible is recycled for reuse, then you need the expertise and experience that only a demolition contractor can offer. Call Advanced Builders & Contractors if you have anything on your property you’d like to see gone. You can make better use of your land by allowing our demolition crew to clear up some space for you.

When is Controlled Demolition in Los Angeles, CA Necessary?

In many cases an old structure, a foundation, a deck or driveway may be a good candidate for repair. Nothing lasts forever though, and at some point, some aspect of your hardscape is going to have to be removed from your property. Whether this is a crumbling retaining wall or a sinking pool deck, you need to be sure that the job is well thought out and that your crew is going to see it through until the very end, including the haul off of materials. Advanced Builders & Contractors can be trusted to handle any demolition services in Los Angeles, CA that you may need.

Do not allow unsightly old fixtures to make your home an unpleasant place to look at. Let us tear down the old and, if you’re interested, we will gladly handle the construction of the new. We are a full service general contractor, with a team of professionals including designers, architects and builders, with 25 years of experience in the industry. Let us put our skill and knowledge to work for you. Call today to schedule service.

When you hire us to handle your demolition in Los Angeles, CA, you can count on us to safely, yet quickly, handle the job.