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Concrete Foundation Services in Los Angeles, CA by Advanced Builders & Contractors

A solid foundation is an absolute must for any home. If your foundation is not properly installed, if it becomes damaged, or if it is any other way compromised, then the structural integrity of your home is at risk. Do not take any chances with your concrete foundation in Los Angeles, CA. Contact the foundation pros at Advanced Builders & Contractorstoday to ensure that you get the best foundation possible for your home. You cannot afford to take any risks with such an important component of your house. With over 30 years of experience, our general contractors can handle any concrete foundation services you may need.

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What is a Concrete Foundation?

The concrete foundation of your home is essentially responsible for bearing the weight of the entirety of your home, along with everything inside of it. With this important task in mind, it should be pretty clear just how important a solid foundation is. If your foundation is not properly installed, completely flat and levelly placed, you can expect some serious structural problems to develop. That is why you should schedule your concrete foundation installation in Los Angeles, CA with the skilled professionals at Advanced Builders & Contractors.

Types of Concrete Foundations

The most common concrete foundation used is the slab foundation. This is a flat concrete slab upon which your house rests. If your concrete slab is not solid or if it is at all angled, it is possible for your home to become unstable. The concrete slab also helps to protect other components of your home from elemental exposure, such as moisture.

When scheduling your concrete slab installation, call the professional Los Angeles contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors for truly exceptional service.

You may also consider a raised concrete foundation. As the name implies, this type of foundation is raised above the earth surrounding it. There are a few benefits to this style of foundation. Less grading and leveling are required if you opt for a raised concrete foundation, and it can help to protect your home from flood waters. We can help you determine which foundation is right for your new home.

House Bolting in Los Angeles, CA

California is fairly prone to earthquakes, and quality house bolting in Los Angeles is a great way to strengthen your home. Also called earthquake retrofitting, house bolting allows you greater protection in the event of an earthquake affecting your property. It entails fastening your home to the foundation perimeter to resist sliding failure that can occur during an earthquake. To learn more about the benefits of professional house bolting, just give us a call.

Concrete Foundation Drainage, Water Proofing and Repair in Los Angeles, CA

Do not allow a damaged foundation to put your home at risk. If your foundation cannot properly drain water, or if it is not water proofed, the integrity of your entire home may be in jeopardy. Any damages requiring professional concrete foundation repair in Los Angeles, CA must be addressed as soon as possible. Whatever you need to make your home a safer, sturdier place to live, Advanced Builders & Contractorscan handle the job.

Contact us today with your house bolting and concrete foundation needs in and around Los Angeles, CA.