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Cathedral Ceilings in Los Angeles, CA

When constructing a new home, you really want that space to be representative of your own unique style and preferences. There are many architectural flourishes which can help you to achieve that goal, but some of them are not often thought about. One way to accent your home in a dramatic, visually stunning way is to forgo a traditional, flat ceiling and to opt instead for a cathedral ceiling. You can really open up the space in your home while creating a unique, arresting atmosphere with a high, pointed ceiling over your head. Like any architectural design though, there are pros and cons that you must consider prior to determining if a cathedral ceiling is the right option for your Los Angeles home. Call the Los Angeles, CA cathedral ceiling contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors today for more information.

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What is a Cathedral Ceiling?

A cathedral ceiling is a ceiling that slopes upward at an even slant and meets at the highest point of a room. It has the same angle as the roof of the house and goes to the rafters. The look achieved is a high, soaring ceiling which can work wonders for increasing the perception of space in a given area. Of course, not every home will benefit from a cathedral ceiling. Here is some further information for you to consider.

Cathedral ceilings, when a good fit for your home, can help to improve the visual appeal of your house and can add value to it as a direct result. With this ceiling design, you can also enjoy the benefit of great amounts of natural light. Los Angeles is obviously a pretty sunny place most of the year, and a cathedral ceiling with the right window design can help you take advantage of that fact. When the sun goes down, a well–designed lighting system lets you enjoy a nuanced, atmospheric environment. Not every home is a good fit for cathedral ceilings though.

If your home has rooms that side on the narrow end of the spectrum, the installation of a cathedral ceiling can give it an odd, and even uncomfortable, appearance. While cathedral ceilings in Los Angeles, CA also allow for plenty of sunlight, the installation of light fixtures at such high levels can make a simple task like changing a light bulb much more problematic. You may also find that the effort of cleaning the nooks and crannies in a room with a cathedral ceiling is not worth it for your personal tastes. There is also the cost of heating and cooling your home to consider, as all of that spaciousness of course means that there is more space to condition.

Is a Cathedral Ceiling in Los Angeles, CA Right for Me?

Should the installation of a cathedral ceiling appeal to you, contact Advanced Builders & Contractors today with any questions you may have. Our architects and designers can help you better understand the implications of a cathedral ceiling and how it will play into the overall design of your home. When you work with our contractors, you can eliminate the guesswork from all the decisions that must be made during a new construction project.

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