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Conserve Water in Los Angeles, CA with Artificial Grass or Other Drought Resistant Landscaping

Now more than ever, it’s so important for residents of Los Angeles, CA to think about the amount of water they use on their properties each day. Over the last several years, homeowners have made great strides in the ways they think about water conservation. Many homeowners have cut the length of their showers or taken steps to seal the leaks in their plumbing systems, but there’s likely one big step left that can help you make a major difference.

Switching to a drought–friendly yard by putting in artificial grass or drought–tolerant landscaping (xeriscaping) can greatly reduce your water usage. Show love for your home state by calling the friendly people at Advanced Builders & Contractors and asking how you can reduce your environmental impact with one of the conservation lawn styles we offer for homes in the Los Angeles area. Get in touch with our expert landscapers today!

Advanced Builders & Contractors offers a number of artificial grass and drought resistant landscaping options in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas.

How Drought–Resistant Yards Help California

Drought conditions have depleted much of Southern California’s water supply, and it would be quite difficult to bounce back without some drastic changes from the people who live here. Keeping the grass lush and green is important to many but can have a major impact on water usage. When irrigation systems are not well sealed and are used frequently to water a large area of lawn, they can occupy the majority of the water bill.

Switching to drought–resistant plants (such as succulents and many flowers and grasses) or cutting out the landscaping altogether can reduce your water consumption without any major sacrifices on the design of your yard. Fake grass is designed to look and feel a lot like the real thing, and California–friendly landscaping adds style and requires a very low volume of water for maintenance.

Making the Switch to Synthetic Grass

The process of switching to synthetic grass does not have to be complicated when you pass on the job to a professional. An expert can make sure the fake grass is sized just so to match your yard. Your contractor will help you to understand the process from the very beginning, present you with all of your options, and give you all of the information you need to care for your new yard.

Your new artificial grass is worthwhile in so many ways. Fake grass requires little work, cutting out small jobs such as mowing and sprinkler maintenance. Additionally, you’ll protect yourself from any fines that may result from an overuse of the public water supply. And finally, you will do a great service to the state of California.

Artificial Grass Services in Los Angeles, CA from Advanced Builders & Contractors

There are a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to synthetic grass. While many think that options are limited when it comes to this type of landscaping, this is simply untrue. There are many styles of artificial grass available, and drought–resistant landscaping comes with a wide range of options that can add beauty and style to any yard. Call Advanced Builders & Contractors today to learn more about the conservation lawn styles we can help you to achieve and the impact you can make with a drought–resistant yard in Los Angeles, CA.