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Serving the Los Angeles Area for Over 16 years

Los Angeles, CA Caissons and Caisson Drilling

At Advanced Builders & Contractors, we offer a number of services to our customers, but one of the most utilized is our caisson services. When you deal with our caisson contractors in Los Angeles, CA, we can make certain that your entire job is completed correctly, from design and engineering to permits, inspections, and the caisson drilling itself. Having a solid foundation for your residence building is paramount, and we can make that happen.

Caissons are a cost–effective and structurally sound means of locking in a building to the bedrock. They are especially useful in applications near or on water, as well as homes on hillsides. At Advanced Builders & Contractors, we are a one–stop shop for caissons and retaining walls. We can make sure that your foundation is ready for your new building or home with expert caisson services. As a fully licensed construction company with over 10 years of experience, you can count on our team to get the job done right the first time. Call us today.

The contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors offer caissons and caisson drilling services throughout the Los Angeles, CA area.

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Caissons and Caisson Drilling Contractors in Los Angeles

Whenever you pursue a residential construction project, you need to surround yourself with good people. The first step is finding a contractor who can address exactly what you need. At Advanced Builders & Contractors, we have a reputable history of ensuring our customers have the caissons that their buildings need to be structurally safe. Our Los Angeles caisson drilling contractors make sure that your caissons are perfectly constructed so that rest of your construction project runs smoothly. We use only high quality materials and professional methods and equipment for our caissons.

What are Caissons?

There are various ways that caissons are used in the industries of engineering and construction. In residential construction, the term typically refers to foundation caissons. Caisson drilling bores out a substantial hole in the ground that reaches all the way down to the bedrock. The caisson itself is comprised of concrete and reinforced steel bars. Caissons are useful in applications where placing an entire foundation directly on the bedrock would be difficult or unnecessary. Allow the professional caisson contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors in Los Angeles take care of your caisson needs.

Piles & Services

We provide comprehensive design–build and engineering services for new residential construction, including the installation of piles. This type of deep foundation system may be necessary when building on unstable soils or to accommodate building regulations.

How Do I Know If My Home or Property Needs Caissons?

There is a multitude of factors to consider in any new home or building construction. First things first, you need an excellent contractor to take care of every detail and to make sure that the job is completed correctly. At Advanced Builders & Contractors, we can help you figure out whether your property needs caissons. Our engineers and design–build experts can perform all the requisite tests to determine whether caisson drilling would be the most economical and structurally sound way to proceed.

Call Advanced Builders & Contractors today for expert caisson services in the Los Angeles area. If you’re building or thinking of building a new property, then you need a team of friendly professionals to keep your project on track, on time and within budget. As your leading caisson contractor in Los Angeles, we provide caissons and retaining walls that are built to last.