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Serving the Los Angeles Area for Over 16 years

Need a General Contractor, Builder, Home Improvement or Remodeling Services in Venice, CA?

There are many instances in life when it can really pay off to take a big risk. When it comes to the construction or remodeling of your home, though, this is simply never the case. Instead, we suggest that you play it safe and that you work with the general contractors that are guaranteed to do the job right: ours. When you hire Advanced Builders & Contractors to complete your new construction, home improvement or remodeling services in Venice, CA, you will work with some of the finest engineers, architects, and general contractors in the industry. Dial our number today to get started.

If you need a general contractor, home builder, or bathroom, kitchen or home remodeling services in Venice, CA, Advanced Builders & Contractors of Los Angeles County is the company to trust, bringing more than 26 years of experience to the table!

Is It Time for Professional Home Remodeling?

There are a lot of reasons as to why a homeowner may choose to remodel his or her home. In some instances, it is to make the home more accessible for individuals living therein. In others, it is a matter of improving the layout of certain areas within the home. Still others may remodel their home simply to bring it more in line with their aesthetic preferences. Whatever your reasons for considering professional remodeling in Venice, CA, we are the contractors to call. Allow us to help you realize your vision for your home.

Why Consider Bathroom Remodeling?

You may want to remodel your bathroom for any number of purposes, and all are completely valid. Perhaps you don’t like the way that things are arranged, or the bathroom reflects a style that has been out for some time. Maybe you just need to make it more accessible for elderly or disabled residents. Whatever your reasoning, we’ll remodel your bathroom with care.

Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling      

The time spent in the kitchen can be quite fun and relaxing. It can also be quite hectic, as you run around trying to get a big dinner ready for an oversized party. The good news is that our kitchen remodeling crew can ensure that your kitchen suits your needs perfectly. If your kitchen is not up to your standards in any way, just give us a call.

You Must Hire Professional General Contractors  

We understand the inclination to bargain hunt: really, we do. Just remember that you must draw the line somewhere. If you are looking to work with the lowest bidder possible, you just may find that you wind up getting what you pay for. Our general contractors offer the perfect balance between fair pricing and truly exceptional service. Don’t take any risks when hiring your general contract in Venice, CA. Schedule service with the consummate pros on our staff.

Work with Our Professional Home Builders

If you are considering building your new home from scratch, or if you are ready to add anything on to your existing home, then you are wise to hire professional home builders in Venice, CA with a well–earned reputation for excellence. Do a little research, and you’ll see just how well–regarded our home building team is. This is no fluke; it seems that we can’t help but leave completely satisfied customers in our wake. To learn more about all that we have to offer, contact a member of our team.

Let Us Complete Your Room Additions       

Has your family grown in size, and outgrown your home in the process. Are you better off financially than you were when you purchased your home, leaving you in a position to add on to your house? If so, you should know that the contractors on our staff are guaranteed to satisfy and even exceed your expectations when you schedule your room additions with us.

Venice, CA Homes Can Benefit from Artificial Grass and Drought Resistant Landscaping

Venice, CA lies on the shore, and indeed is best known for its world–famous beach. That provides a number of benefits, but it also means that we have salty sea air to deal with when managing our yards and lawns. Keeping them healthy and watered can be an expensive and time–consuming task, which is why alternate options like artificial grass and drought resistant landscaping are such a good idea. Either by replacing your existing plants with hardy local flora, or eschewing the biological completely and opting for a high–end artificial lawn, you can save big money on monthly water bills without sacrificing an ounce of aesthetic beauty!