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Your Don’t-Go-Hungry Guide to a Kitchen Remodel

Some people choose to stay at a friend’s or relative’s house during a kitchen remodel, or renting a space, so that they don’t have to deal with the stress of living in a construction zone. But, of course, kitchen remodeling is not necessarily cheap. Your budget may not be able to take that hit—and you don’t really need it—so you decide to stay home.

The only problem: your kitchen is gone! You need to eat, and you cannot really afford to eat out every day (as easy as it may sound). Here’s what we think any homeowner going through this should do.

Invest in a Couple of Good Appliances

Don’t just buy the cheapest hot plate you can find. You’re probably going to be using these temporary appliances for several weeks, so be sure to have a couple of quality essentials. A hot plate and a toaster oven are key, and a microwave is always useful during this time.

Retain Space and Essential Tools

If you’ve got a butcher block in the kitchen, bring this to your new food preparation space as an area to chop veggies and assemble sandwiches. Grab all of the tools you use the most in the kitchen, and keep these out of storage. Preferably, find an area to cook in that doesn’t have carpet.

Try New Things

You might not be able to cook all of your favorite meals, especially those that require a lot of preparation, but this gives you an opportunity to try new things. Grill all of your veggies and meat and try different seasoning combinations. Instead of baking, see what pastries and breads are in stock at a small local bakeshop, and get to know your neighborhood!


You can turn a bathtub into a place to wash and dry dishes. You might need to drape a tarp over the carpet to avoid mildew development and stains. You might need to use an unsightly shelf from the thrift store for the time being to use as a pantry. Remember, it’s not permanent, and you’ll make it through!

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