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Why Remodel a Bathroom? 7 Great Reasons

bathroom-remodelRemodeling a bathroom in a house may not seem like the most exciting project. Remodeling a kitchen, converting a guest bedroom into a study or game room, creating an add-on room—these all sound much more thrilling. But none of these may be the remodeling job you need, and there are some enormous benefits to having the bathroom remodeled. 

If you’re considering bathroom remodeling in Beverly Hills, CA, you might want to think about these seven reasons to go ahead with it:

1. Save water

Older bathrooms are often water wasters because they have antiquated fixtures. You can have these fixtures swapped out for low-flow models one at a time; but when you remodel you have the opportunity to do a top-to-bottom water-saving change for all the fixtures.

2. Improve storage

Is your current bathroom cramped and a mess to look at because its storage space is limited? This happens often in bathrooms that were never designed with the right amount of storage space available. A remodel can be focused on enlarging the storage area without making the space appear cramped (such as recessed storage spaces).

3. Help with mobility

A remodel can make life easier for people in your home with mobility issues. The remodel makes the space easier to navigate and puts in features like lower sinks and seamless walk-in showers. 

4. Increase the value of the house

If you think you may sell your home in the next few years, a remodeled bathroom will increase the property value. Although a remodel kitchen may be flashier, potential buyers pay close attention to functional spaces like the bathroom. An old bathroom can present moisture and mold problems that will lower the value as well.

5. Redo outdated pipes

Not all remodels involve complete repiping, but we recommend it for older homes that have outdated piping material. You’ll need to have these pipes replaced at some point, and what better time to have it done than when the whole bathroom is getting a facelift?

6. Help with a growing family

The current bathrooms in the house may not be right for your family if you’ve been adding on to it. Remodels can enlarge bathrooms and provide fixtures that work better for children.

7. Improve your day to day life

This is the most subjective reason, but it may be the best reason of all. When you think about the quality of life in your house, your mind may first go to places like the master bedroom, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, and not to a more utilitarian space like a bathroom. But having a pleasant, attractive, and easy-to-use bathroom has a huge impact on your life. Your day will start in this room and probably end in it. With a relaxing new bathtub or shower, lovely fixtures, and a soothing look, a new bathroom can just make your daily life better.

Our team of designers and builders handle all stages of a bathroom remodel, and we’ll see that you get the most of what you want out of your new bathroom.

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