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Why Does Square Footage Matter with Kitchen Remodeling

Homeowners choose to have kitchen remodeling done for a variety of reasons. Some want to add value to their home, others wish to freshen an area of their house that is central to family activity. Others want to create space with a more efficient flow of work.

Whatever the reason, one of the crucial factors to know before you start a remodel is the available square footage. How much space do you currently have, and how well is this space currently used?

To make the most of your kitchen’s square footage when you arrange for kitchen remodeling contact the experienced design and build team at Advanced Builders & Contractors.

How Square Footage Affects Kitchen Remodeling

When you start work with a remodeling contractor, one of the first things he or she will want to know is the square footage of your kitchen. If you don’t know your kitchen’s size, the contractor can take care of measuring it for you.

Square footage affects the baseline cost of a remodel. When you work with a contractor, the square footage will form a major part of the initial estimate. Remember, however, that an estimate is just that: the actual work involved may shift costs up and down. You can look online at many “estimates per square foot,” but none of these will give you an actual sense of what a skilled contractor can do for your kitchen or what it will eventually cost. Always work with your contractor to develop a plan that will fit your needs and your budget.

The simple square footage of a kitchen as a number won’t tell you everything. As with any space, size is tied to use: a large room can contain wasted space, while a small room can have great efficiency. Do you have a large kitchen that doesn’t take advantage of the space available? Do you have a small kitchen that you think could feel much larger and less cramped through renovations and redesign?

A part of kitchen size that a contractor will focus on is the “work triangle,” a hypothetical triangle that uses the stove, refrigerator, and sink as its three points. In many ways, the size of this space is more important than the total square footage of a kitchen, since it dictates how efficiently the space is used.

What About A Kitchen Addition?

There’s one place where you can break the limitations of square footage in a remodel: adding on space. A kitchen build-out can make up for a cramped room. Perhaps when you bought your house, you decided to settle initially for a smaller kitchen, but now it no longer fits with your lifestyle. Maybe your family has grown, or you find yourself entertaining more often, and the kitchen now lacks the space necessary to accommodate your new needs. With the right building contractor, you can make the ideal expansion of your current kitchen space to fit your requirements.

Call For an Experienced Contractor to Design and Build Your Remodel

Contact Advanced Builders & Contractors today to discuss your ideas for kitchen remodeling in Brentwood, CA. We will develop a free estimate based on the initial design so you will know if we are a good fit for your project. We trust you’ll love what we can do for your new kitchen.

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