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Where to Focus Your Money in a Kitchen Remodel

kitchen-new-remodelWhen approaching a remodeling project for your home’s kitchen, cost will always be a factor. You want to invest in the parts of the kitchen that will give you the highest return-on-investment. So where should you place your focus in your new kitchen, and where should you pull back?

We have some guidelines below for your consideration, but a key part of a high ROI is to work with a skilled and experienced contractor. We’re a kitchen remodeling contractor for Los Angeles, CA, and we handle every step of the project to streamline the process and save you time and money, as well as provide the best assurance that you’ll have the end product you want. We’ll help you make the best choices about where to spend when it comes to your kitchen remodel.

The Countertops

There are many different types of countertop materials available, and they have a wide range of prices. Laminate is one of the less expensive—but it’s often worth it invest in stone countertops, which is not only more attractive, but more durable as well—and it can be key in raising the value of your kitchen. Consider how much of your kitchen is given over to counter space and let that assist you in how much you want to invest in top quality counter materials. If you have room for an island, this is a great place to add to the appearance of the kitchen with the best counter material.

The Sink

The sink isn’t an item that’s easy to replace in a kitchen, so we recommend making a careful choice about the type of sink you put in for a remodel. (The faucets are less crucial, since it’s far less difficult to have a new one installed when you want an upgrade.) Sinks offer different features that can make a huge difference in how easy it is to prepare meals.

The Cabinets

The cabinets of a new kitchen arguably have the biggest impact of any visual element of the space. And here is where you need to be a bit cautious, since trying to chase trends can end up costing you in the long run. For example, an open shelving design with no cabinet doors looks appealing on a catalog page, but you’ll never be able to keep them looking as clean and organized as on those glossy magazine pages. Take extra time exploring cabinet options, and don’t skimp when it comes to sturdy materials.

The Windows

You may not immediately think of the windows as “part” of the kitchen, because they’re not exclusive to the kitchen. But when you’re going for an extensive remodel, the windows are critical because they make the biggest difference in lighting and appearance, and they’re easiest to put in during a remodeling rather than later on. The other lighting fixtures are easily changed down the road—now is when you can make the major overhaul with the windows that will boost your ROI.

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