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Where a Bathroom Remodel Can Go Wrong

checkered-bathroom-remodel-abcBathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA is one of the most common jobs our team of designers, builders, and architects undertake for our clients. We understand how important it is to get this job done right, from the first steps of thinking about design concepts, through getting all the necessary permits, until the final connections for water and electricity. Because we know what it takes to get the job done right, we know the ways a bathroom remodel can go wrong, and we’ve heard enough horror stories from our clients about their earlier remodeling experiences when, well, “mistakes” happened.

We’d like to talk more about how a bathroom remodel can go sideways and end up costing you more money for worse results.

Not hiring a reliable contractor from the start

The #1 thing to get right when you start a bathroom remodel is to hire a contractor you can trust. There are many contractors who will vie for your business, but not many who deserve it. Always hire a contractor who is licensed and has general liability insurance—that’s the first thing to check. Look for their portfolios, ask for references, talk to others who have used the contractor. To make the outcome even better, reduce the number of subcontractors involved by hiring a contractor who handles all jobs under a single roof—like our team.

Falling for trends pushed in magazines and on websites

There’s a glut of remodeling information available that try to wow readers with their snappy visuals of beautiful Mediterranean/Art Deco/Open Concept. Yes, there is a benefit to knowing what sort of options are available and the different ways you can design your bathroom. But trends don’t mean you’ll end up with a bathroom that works for your household. Practical doesn’t have to mean dull, and a good contractor will help you navigate trends toward the best possible bathroom design.

Not budgeting correctly

This can also be connected to trends—aiming for the fanciest possible design when it would end up wasting money that can be put to better use. Thankfully, if you have a good contractor, proper budget allocation won’t be an issue. The contractor will work with you carefully at the start of the project to ensure the remodeling stays within budget while producing the results you want.

Bad spacing

Bathrooms are rarely enormous rooms, and unless you’re planning a bathroom enlargement as part of the remodel, you have a limited space in which to work. There should be clear and easy paths to navigate around the vital fixtures. Going too extreme with the decor and trendy ideas (there’s that “trend” concern again) can lead to a bathroom that simply isn’t convenient to use, and which may even create hazards for people with mobility issues.

You can fully trust our team to help you through all steps of a bathroom remodel without falling into any of the many potential pitfalls—and we’ve only listed a few of them here. Let us be your guide through the wilds to the safe haven of a great new bathroom. 

Advanced Builders & Contractors is a licensed and insured contractor that has served the Los Angeles area for more than 16 years. Request an estimate today.

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