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When a Remodeling Goes South: The Importance of a Great Contractor

bathroom-torn-apartNothing can ever go 100% as planned 100% of the time. The best way to raise the chance that you get that 100% on a job such as doing a major remodel on your home or a room addition is to work with one of the best general contractors in Santa Monica, CA. Success starts with people who know what they’re doing, have experience and a history of solid references, and can approach a project with a system that helps to make the work as smooth as possible.

Our company is founded on handling in-house all the jobs of a remodel. This means we don’t work with subcontractors. A standard general contractor handles the hiring of subcontractors for remodels and room additions, which makes the job much easier than if you chose to handle hiring the subcontractors yourself. But this process of subcontractors still leaves open the possibility of a remodel that starts to go wrong—and you’re soon looking at the exact opposite of your beautiful plan for a new kitchen, bathroom, or addition of an office or room conversion. 

The Remodel That Becomes the Nightmare

We could post a picture here of some terrible remodeling disasters—and we’ve seen plenty from amateurish contractors who did so poorly they cause parts of the house to collapse! What is worrying about the remodeling-gone-wrong is that it can start with a simple problem at the beginning, which only emerges later when the problem is now difficult to undo. Or the problem can compound rapidly and the poorly organized subcontractor’s attempts to remedy it make it even worse. The last thing you want is to stare at a money-pit problem where trying to fix the issues means throwing more and more cash at it and there seems to be no end. This is the homeowner’s nightmare.

How to Prevent the Problem in the First Place

We’ve already mentioned one key step: have the right contractor. We wouldn’t be posting this blog if we didn’t know we were the right people for the job. We have a history and a portfolio of many successful projects, and our design/build model means problems are ironed out before the construction begins. 

Other ways to dodge a disaster is to do research ahead of time (such as knowing which general contractor to hire). Due diligence is always your friend, and we’re glad to offer references and answer all your hard questions. We’ll work with you to create a plan, which is another important way to avoid a remodeling fiasco. If you are working with another contractor, please raise any concerns you have right away and be prepared for the next step… 

The Rescue Remodel

You don’t want to do this, but it may be necessary. If your general contractor or the subcontractors you hired yourself have sent your remodel careening for a disaster and you’re aware that nothing is working out, go to another contractor for a “rescue remodel.” We can handle these jobs as well: fixing past errors and plotting a new way forward. Yes, you’ll spend more than you originally planned, but much less than continuing along the road toward an expensive failure. 

There’s no shame in going this route: we understand homeowners make errors, and shifty contractors make poor promises all the time to lure owners in. We’re the people to trust, whether you hire us from the start or call us in as the cavalry to rescue your remodel or room addition. 

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