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When Bathroom Remodeling Goes Wrong

As a professional remodeling company, we’ve been called in to correct a lot of bathroom remodeling blunders. This is one of the most important rooms in your home, so when a remodel goes bad, you need the problem fixed quickly to get your home back to normal ASAP.

Call professional bathroom remodeling contractors long before you begin the remodeling process, and avoid some of these common issues. Here are some mistakes we’ve seen in the past, and what we can help you to avoid.

Improperly Sized Fixtures

One of the biggest issues we come across when homeowners take on a DIY bathroom remodel, or when they hire someone unqualified for the job, is improper sizing. People are often eager to jump into the job and get the bathroom they’ve always imagined, but that means rushing to order the fixtures they’ve always wanted.

Unfortunately, this can result in poor sizing. Toilets without enough room to walk by and sinks that stick out past the doorway won’t work, and you’ll have to spend time moving things around or sending fixtures back. You might even be stuck with the oversized plumbing component or cabinet.

Not Matching Finishes

When you’re going through magazines and catalogs, selecting your cabinets and hardware seems easy after a while. Certain things jump out at you and you might just assume they’ll be a great fit for your bathroom. But if you choose a nickel faucet and a bronze towel rack, the difference might be more noticeable than you would assume. Actually, even if you choose the same finish from two different companies, it can look a lot different.

Using a Subpar Contractor

People can tell when your bathroom is not professionally constructed. You can end up using too much tile or too little tile. Using a cheap sealant or no sealant at all is also a concern. Improper hardware, missing shut-off valves, and other mistakes can become a problem later on. Be sure to call licensed professionals so that everything looks professional!

Call Advanced Builders & Contractors for all of your bathroom remodeling needs in the Trousdale Estates area. Our licensed contractors are here to help.

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