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What’s Involved in Room Additions?

You’re interested in adding a room onto your current home. The family might be expanding, an older relative moving in, the older children want their own space, you’re starting a work-from-home project, or you simply wish to change your house without needing to purchase a new one. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided that a room addition will enhance your life. Making this decision is a big step, but the hard work is just beginning.

That work will be exponentially harder if you try to undertake the job yourself. Without skilled planning, training, and equipment, this will turn into a nightmare. Instead, look among the Los Angeles, CA contractors who specialize in room additions to find one who can design and build the ideal new room for your home.

At Advanced Builders & Contractors, we handle all the steps for you with our design/build collaboration between architect and builder.

How does design/build room addition work?

With design/build, you do not have to work with separate contractors to handle the new room design and construction. The architect first works with you to visualize the room addition you want, and then works in close collusion with the builder to see how it will be practically realized. This not only means a project that moves faster (and hence with reduced labor costs), but one with fewer issues from communication failures and discrepancies between form (the design) and function (plumbing, electricity, insulation, etc.).

At the start of the project, you work with the designer on 3D software to put together a look that fits your needs and will integrate well with the other rooms of your home. Once you have this design, the work between the architect and the builder will begin to make sure that the construction goes smoothly, and the new house will not place an additional burden on systems such as your plumbing, electricity, and heating/cooling.

A room addition is a comprehensive project, not just a construction job. Although design/build shortens the project’s length, room additions still require significant time to make sure that they are done correctly.

Advanced Builders & Contractors can take care of all your room addition needs

We strongly advise that you hire a Los Angeles, CA contractor who keeps the architects and builders in-house. There is too much that could potentially go wrong with multiple contractors involved. Trust to our design/build strategy and nearly two decades of experience to deliver you the ideal room addition.

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