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What You Should Know about Adding a Room to a Home

Adding a new room can bring great value to your home—and it’s definitely more economical than buying a new house. You’ll get even more use out of your home and it might even make it feel like new, but you have to have a plan. Want a room addition but don’t know where to start? Here are a few things you should know before you begin.

  • Set a budget. Know what you can afford and don’t lose track of this during the planning process. Remember that things come up during the renovation process sometimes, so a little wiggle room in the budget is helpful.
  • Draw some preliminary sketches for how you envision the space. Create a thorough and detailed wishlist, which you can prioritize later depending on the budget. Have a plan ready before meeting with a contractor.
  • Hire a skilled contractor. Find someone you can trust, who you enjoy working with, and who’s willing to work within your budget within reason.
  • Get the right permits. Be sure you are allowed to extend your structure and that it meets all codes. Know the legal restrictions in your area, and work with your contractor to draw up all of the architectural plans and determine all the permits and inspections you will need.
  • Think several steps ahead. Allow plenty of time for each step of the job and for inspections that may throw you a bit off course. Any addition will forever change the layout of the house, so keep the end product in mind and think carefully about any changes you make midway through the job.
  • Materials – When adding on, try to match the existing exterior so your addition will look like it fits in to the home.
  • Plan for some chaos – Depending on the size of the addition, remember that your home will not be back to normal for quite some time. Be prepared for some chaos, additional expense, and, sometimes, a little bit of stress.

Call the licensed contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors to start planning your room addition in Los Angeles, CA. We’re building the future.

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