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What Type of Sink Should You Include in a Bathroom Remodel?

Planning a bathroom remodel should be an exciting project for you. Although bathrooms aren’t considered glamorous centers of homes, making them as attractive and useful as possible will certainly improve the lives of homeowners. You have plenty of opportunities to get creative when redesigning your bathroom. 

One key area where you have several different style options for fixtures is with the bathroom sink. If you’re looking for something different than the old overmount sink you previously had, you’ll be happy to discover the variety of sink types available.

Below are several popular choices for new sinks for bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA.

Vessel Sink

The vessel sink is one of the trendiest sink models. Many homeowners have discovered how much they enjoy the style and modern elegance of vessel sinks. A vessel sink looks like a large bowl set onto a low table in the bathroom with a wall-mounted faucet over it. The sink is actually attached to the countertop with a drainpipe beneath it. You can choose many types of materials for the vessel itself that can match almost any decor, and you can also opt to have under-sink storage or leave it open. Vessel sinks also come in different bowl shapes, allowing you even more customization. 

Undermount Sink

This isn’t a radical switch from the common overmount sink, but it has several advantages that make it appealing. Undermount sinks are lease likely to spill out water onto the countertop and they’re easy to keep clean—you won’t have to worry about keeping the overedge of the sink clean because it doesn’t have on. Undermount sinks also look sleeker and are less likely to develop leaks. 

Pedestal Sink

If you’re looking for an old-world charm or a retro look to your bathroom, then the pedestal sink is an excellent choice to consider. They do have several drawbacks to think about: they don’t allow for under-sink storage and they take up considerable floor space. You also won’t have much space to place objects on the edge of the sink itself, which is why we recommended putting in recessed shelving in front of the sink, or even a standard medicine cabinet. But the attractiveness of these sinks may outweigh these other considerations for you. 

Wall-mounted sink

You’ve seen these sinks often enough in restrooms in buildings: they jut right out from the wall. However, because you’re used to seeing them in restrooms doesn’t mean they can’t be tailored to be attractive for a home, and they do provide several advantages. They take up less space than almost any other type of space and provide plenty of empty floor area beneath. They can also be mounted into corners, which may be important for certain bathroom designs. 

Our design and build team has handled numerous kitchen remodels, and when you hire us for your new bathroom, we’ll be there from the start to help you discover the right new fixtures—like sinks—for the remodel.

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