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What to Know When You’re Remodeling and Reorganizing a Closet

One of the things that a lot of people want with a home remodel is more closet space. When you finally have the means to expand your closet and reorganize to make mornings more efficient, you might be in a hurry to get it done. But there are some things you should think about before you settle on a design.

Have Plenty of Lighting and Electrical Outlets

With enough room in your walk-in closet, you might want to spend some time in there in the mornings, trying on different outfits for a big meeting, or finding the perfect necklace to pair with a cocktail dress in the evening. But without adequate lighting, a place to plug in your phone, and an outlet for lamps and other electronics, you won’t want to stick around for long. Work with your contractor to see that you have adequate lighting and the right type of lighting to model your clothing in front of a mirror.

Use Smaller Drawers to Organize Smaller Items

Necklaces, earrings, and watches are much easier to keep track of if you can line them up side-by-side in small drawers. Small items can go in shallow drawers (rather than deep ones) so that you don’t lose track of items or assume they’re missing!

Keep Items Visible

For the most part, it’s a good idea to have your clothing out in the open so that you can see where it belongs and find it quickly. Keeping items out does not have to result in clutter. Keep clothing hanging in the open and not behind a closed cabinet door or sliding closet door. You’ve already got a door separating your closet from the bedroom; why add more? Wire baskets and other storage crates allow you to easily spot clothing of a certain color or type as well.

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