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What Are Some Possibilities for Room Additions?

ktichen-planning-toolsWhen you need more space, or you want to change how you use the current space in your house, you don’t have to scrap it all and buy a new one. The room addition is a great option for getting the most out of your current home as well as raise its value. The rate of return of a room addition can be high, as long as you have the job done by a professional contractor who can handle all the steps from design to the fine touches.

The room addition is often more flexible than people realize. It covers more than sticking a new space onto the side of a house. Below are some of the basic types of room additions in Hidden Hills, CA you can have for your house.

ONE: The Full Room Addition

This is what people usually think of as a “room addition”: a fully functional new space added to the house. They add extensive space and square footage to the home. The room can be almost anything: a new bedroom, a guest bedroom, a home gym, a home theater, a den, an office. For people who are planning to expand working from home, an office space designed specifically for this purpose is a great idea. But there aren’t many limits on what you can achieve if you have the space for a full addition.

TWO: The Bump Out

If you lack the space for a full addition, but you still want to stretch out, you can have a bump out done that puts on a few more square feet. Bump outs are often used as part of kitchen remodeling, but they also work for creating breakfast nooks and window seating areas. They’re also great for putting in that extra bit of storage you need.

THREE: The Sunroom

The sunroom lets you enjoy more light and the feeling of being outside without actually having to let the outside indoors. Often, a sunroom can be built onto an existing patio. Sunrooms rarely require connecting to the HVAC system of the house, which makes them a less costly addition than a full room. They are also great for adding value to a house—they’re eye-catching, to be sure.

FOUR: The Internal Addition

You may have space for an additional room within your house. It requires remodeling to turn that space into one you can use. This can involve taking out walls to create a bigger space, or changing a closet into an “internal bump out” for another room. Small bathrooms can sometimes be created using remodeling.

FIVE: The Room Conversion

Finally, you can get the type of room you really need by converting another room. The two most common spaces for room conversions are attics and garages. Turn that garage into your new home office, or a game room or home theater. The attic may be a great new bedroom or reading room.

Remember, a remodeling or room addition is only as good as the contractor who does the work. You will get the results you want when you choose us for your project.

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