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What Homeowners Wish They Knew Before Their Bath Remodel

Our contractors do whatever they can to help homeowners feel prepared for a bathroom remodel. Choosing the wrong materials or neglecting to really spend time thinking through the design can cause some regret, and we think it’s important to have a space you love, the first time around.

We’ve heard a lot of people who try DIY bath remodels say there are many things they wish they had known or been able to do differently. We want to share those with you to help you from making some of the same mistakes.

#1: That It Doesn’t All Have to Go

Sometimes, homeowners decide to make drastic changes to a bathroom’s style or structure, without really realizing how much effort it will take. Updating vintage tile on the shower wall, for example, may prove difficult because layers of concrete underneath mean you have to spend far more time renovating this area.

Leaving some vintage features alone can still add a unique touch to a bathroom. And it may save you a whole lot of time and effort. Consider designing around these features, not in spite of them.

#2: Just How Much the Details Matter

These seemingly small details can make the biggest of differences in the finished product of your bathroom remodel.

  • Lighting – The right vanity and overhead lighting, along with separate switches to control them, really makes a difference in your morning routine.
  • Toilet Placement – You don’t want the toilet to be the first thing you see when you walk in the room, but you also don’t want it to feel inaccessible.
  • Sink Height – It should be high enough that getting ready in the morning does not feel like a chore.

#3: The Importance of Hiring Professionals

Finally, many of our customers in LA tell us they wish they had sought our help sooner. The benefits of hiring an experienced, licensed, and insured contractor cannot be overstated. They help with everything from the design to obtaining permits to moving the pipes around.

Call Advanced Builders & Contractors to work with licensed and insured contractors in the Los Angeles area.

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