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What Happens When You Change Your Mind During a Remodel?

As contractors, we understand that plans can change as a remodeling job goes on. You might realize that you wanted a different appliance, cabinetry finish, countertop material, or kitchen sink than originally planned—and this happens quite a bit. Still, we think it’s important for you to know just what happens when you change your mind during a remodel, as it can set the process back quite a bit more than you might expect.

It’s Called a “Change Order”

Changing your mind and either adding to or taking away from your remodeling plans is known as a change order. The contract you’ve made with your contractor likely mentions change orders. It is very important that any change orders that could affect the price of a job are written and agreed upon (signed) by you and your contractor, so that there are no costly surprises.

Know That This Adds On a Lot

Change orders add on a lot of extra cost and time to a remodeling job. Contractors don’t work for free, so even the consultation for what changes you’d like to make will likely add on to the cost of labor.

All of the small ways this adds to the job can be more than you think. There’s the cost and labor of sending back the old materials. Time is tacked on to the job, and other parts of the process are delayed as a result. Know what you are getting into before you change your mind.

Some Change Orders Are Unforeseen

Unfortunately, things can just come up during a remodel. Plumbing and electrical problems must be taken care of before the work is completed. Know that this is very common, and while it may be stressful, at least you’ll have peace of mind that your new room is safe.

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