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What Architectural Style Is Your Southern California Dream House?


A craftsman style house

You have a vision for your own house, built to your specifications. But maybe that vision isn’t solid yet, and your mind is flitting through the many options, trying to land on the perfect one.

We’d like to help. Below is a list of the most popular architectural styles for new home construction in Southern California. Most of the house styles you’ve examined probably fall into one of these categories.


No architectural style is more connected to Southern California than the Spanish or Mediterranean-style. This makes sense in a region with a similar climate and flora to the Mediterranean and an early colonial Spanish history. These styles are immediately identifiable to visitors and are perfect for homeowners who enjoy a combination of indoor and outdoor living.


You may either find these homes thrilling or too cold—there never seems to be a middle ground with this style. This architectural design emphasizes large square shapes, no roof, immense amounts of glass for doors and windows for natural light, and scant exterior ornamentation. This style is superb for hillside construction and gives lets a home take the best advantage of a picturesque view.

Streamline Moderne

This is one of the classic Golden Age of Hollywood styles of homes. This development of the Art Deco movement of the 1920s was hugely popular in the 1930s for homes and commercial buildings, and today remains a popular architectural style for people who love the clean lines, curving shapes, and inviting open areas.


A specific variant on the Mediterranean style from Northern Italy. Tuscan homes move away toward the stucco and adobe exterior and to emphasize brick and stone, often with heavier roofs.


It might seem unusual for an English style common to the 16th and 17th centuries to make such sense in Southern California, but the modern design version of Tudor with decorative timber and sloping gable roofs creates an inviting old world-meets-new world appearance.


This is the style that’s associated with Northern California, but many of these homes were built in Los Angeles during the early 20th century. Architects still return to this style to create modern variants for people who appreciate the appearance of an antique home and enjoy more closed-off interior living spaces.


The explosion of the craftsman style has reached every part of the country to the point that it’s one of the most recognizable to people from coast to coast. One of the benefits of craftsman homes is they use less expensive material to build while not being “cheap.”


This is something of a catch-all category, and it’s not easy to define. If you’re looking for a house that hovers between one of the older styles and the near-futurist look of a modern home, than a contemporary design is probably a good fit. Think of this as the most flexible option and one the works well for creating clean, clutter-free interiors and exteriors.

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