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Ways to Lower the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

ABC-kitchen-greyThe idea of a beautiful new kitchen has prompted you to finally get started on planning your remodel. But the cost of a beautiful new kitchen can certainly hold you back. There’s something to be said for waiting until you have the funds to hire a professional contractor and get the kitchen you really want. Still, there are ways to cut costs, even when it comes to a professional kitchen remodeling.

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Leave Room in the Budget

Unfortunately, a contractor cannot predict with 100% accurately how long a remodel will last or just what it will cost. They can offer a very good estimate. However, a lot can come up over the course of a remodel, such as discovering a corroded pipe or a building code violation that must be resolved.

Make sure that, when you’re planning your remodel, you leave enough wiggle room in the budget for an emergency fund. That way, you don’t have to delay the job in the middle of a remodel do to budgetary issues.

Forgo Some of those Kitchen Gadgets

As you start to search for appliances and gizmos you’d like in your home, you might find some cool new ideas you’d love to integrate into your home. In fact, we’ve even written about some of them! Still, if cost is a factor, it may be time to be a bit more conservative with your purchases. Do you really need a smart refrigerator with a touch screen? …Probably not.

Besides, some of the gadgets people choose to have in their homes take up room unnecessarily. A coffee maker integrated into the counter, for example, is just going to take away storage space.

Prefab Can Be Just As Good As Custom

Custom cabinetry can be quite beautiful and you’ll have full control over the design process. However, you can often find the same charm and beauty in a ready-to-assemble or stock cabinet. Check around with lots of different companies to find one that works for you.

Don’t give up just because the first store or company you check out does not have a selection you like! Alternatively, you can choose a semi-custom cabinet design, with predesigned units you can customize to fit your needs. This will still cost less than a complete customization.

Find Durable Countertops and Flooring for Less

Finally, it’s time to rethink the flooring or countertop material you felt your home really needed. Laminate flooring is an excellent substitute for a wood floor, and your guests will hardly know the difference. Vinyl flooring can look just as good as stone, wood, or whatever material it imitates. You can get the look of stone with quartz for a fraction of the price. Laminate countertops are also available inexpensively, or you can go with butcher blocks or glass for a unique surface.

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