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Watch Out for These Pitfalls in New Home Construction

home-designAlthough the idea of building your own home is a thrilling one, it also likely makes you dizzy with all the different options and obstacles you’re going to face, as well as the possibility of making errors that will cost you money or result in a final house that isn’t what you wanted. 

When it comes to new home construction in Los Angeles, CA, we’re one of the top contractors: we’ve shepherded many projects for homeowners through all stages to finished products our clients love. We know something about the obstacles and errors that can make building a new home difficult, and we’d like to help you avoid a few of the common ones we’ve listed below.

Hastily hiring a contractor

Unless you are really set on constructing a log cabin with no indoor plumbing or electricity, you must have a professional building contractor for new home construction. But not all contractors are equal. Many subcontract out much of the work, which can lead to delays and unsatisfactory outcomes. Don’t make a quick leap to any contractor, and don’t just go for the contractor who offers the cheapest price: find one who handles all the work in-house and has an extensive portfolio of successful projects. (And yes, we’re one of these contractors!)

Putting in rooms you won’t need

If you got the space, why not use it? We’ll… are you going to use it? You can probably think of homes you’ve lived in where one room just got converted into a storage space and otherwise wasn’t used for its intended purpose. This mistake is often made for “luxury” spaces, such as game rooms. If you don’t think you’re going to entertain enough to get use out of the room, don’t include it.

Picking the wrong place for the master bedroom

This can be trickier than you might think, and that’s probably why people accidentally put the master bedroom in a place that’s too close to the center of activity in the house, or located on a side of the house exposed to outdoor noise like traffic. This is the room that needs quiet, the place for a retreat at the end of the day. 

Forgetting about storage

We know that storage space isn’t the most exciting thing about designing your dream home, but you’ll be unhappy without it. Consider closet space and extra storage areas, as well as integrate storage design into places such as bathrooms.

Leaving out possible delays from the schedule

Although a good contractor will work hard to complete a house on schedule, sometimes delays are inevitable (such as weather conditions and permit issues). You don’t want to place too rigid a date for completion of the house and build your upcoming months based on it; give yourself some leeway.

Not working with your contractor

We appreciate working with our clients because we want to ensure the house is what they want. Check in with us about any of the details, or anything you want changed. Get involved and you’re more likely to end up with that dream house. 

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