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Watch Out for These Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

ABC-kitchen-greyThinking about doing a big remodel for your kitchen? Whether you’re creating a new layout or you’re expanding out the current kitchen space, you must approach a kitchen remodel with caution. There are a number of basic mistakes people make when they plan a new kitchen. Below are a few we often see when homeowners set out to do a kitchen remodel on their own.

Ignoring the Workflow Triangle

A kitchen, no matter its outside form, has an inner triangular shape. The points of this triangle are the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink. A kitchen layout that stretches or flattens the triangle configuration of these three stations is one that’s difficult to work in. Think of them side-by-side and imagine trying to work this way—you’ll see why the triangle formation is important. Not only should these appliances be arranged in a triangle, but there should be few obstructions between them.

Forgetting That Storage Also Includes Trash and Recycling

Many times homeowners choose to have a kitchen remodeled because they want more storage space. Since people don’t tend to think of trash and recycling as something that is “stored,” they may neglect to have space set aside specifically for these receptacles. This is a big error, because nobody wants trash and recycling bins right out in the open! A new kitchen plan must account for these containers.

The Wrong Size and Placement of the Island

The first question to ask about putting in a kitchen island is if an island works at all for the available space. Island kitchens are a popular design concept, but they don’t work in all homes. If an island suits your kitchen design ideas, watch out for improper placement that ends up pinching off the workflow lanes. (Think back to the triangle.)

Putting Off Appliances Until the End

Kitchen appliances aren’t just plug-in-play countertop devices like a blender or an espresso machine. The refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove are part of the design and need to be fit snugly into place. Picking these last can leave you trapped with appliances that don’t fit with the design. Or don’t fit, period.

Overcrowding the Design

Yes, there is such a thing as an overdesigned kitchen. In the quest for more storage, a homeowner could end up cramming all wall space with cabinets and cupboards and throwing off the visual balance. This creates a kitchen that doesn’t function well—except as a place to store things. We know how many kitchen design ideas are out there to set your mind running. But knowing when you have the right set of designs and it’s time to stop will prevent overdesigning.

The good news is you won’t have to worry about making any of these mistakes or running into these problems when you arrange for your kitchen remodeling in Hidden Hills, CA with our team at Advanced Builders & Contractors. We never recommend homeowners try to remodel a kitchen on their own because of these and numerous other pitfalls. We have years of experience with remodeling and have created many award-winning designs.

Advanced Builders & Contractors has served the Los Angeles Area for over 14 years. Request an estimate with us today.

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