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Want to Remodel Your Kitchen? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

plannerYou’ve been looking over images of remodeled kitchens, getting excited at each of the pictures, and the possibilities for what you could make your current kitchen look like. Are these dreams realistic? Are you ready to jump into a kitchen remodel in Calabasas, CA?

This is a big project, but when you work with our experienced design/build team at Advanced Builders & Contractors, you’ll have most of the work entrusted to experts who have a deep portfolio of successful projects. Before you go ahead with that remodel, however, there are some questions to ask yourself to help focus on what you really want, and what you can realistically expect.

1. How often do you use your kitchen for entertaining?

If you like to hold parties or you enjoy cooking for a larger number of family members on special occasions, you’ll have different requirements for your kitchen. You may also simply be a cooking enthusiast or looking to spend more time at the culinary arts. Your new kitchen may need space for additional appliances, a second oven, larger food preparation space, and more.

2. Are you willing to expand into other parts of the house or property?

If one of the reasons you’re considering a new kitchen is because the current one is cramped, you probably need to have the kitchen expanded into areas around it. This can include extending the kitchen with an exterior add-on, or knocking out walls to take some of the space from another area. Think about how much of these other spaces you want to sacrifice.

3. Do you have an idea of the work triangle?

We’ve written before about the kitchen work triangle: it’s essential for understanding how to create the best workflow in a kitchen. Read over that information, then visualize how you might fit a work triangle into your new kitchen concept. Our contractors are invaluable for helping discover the best way to create the proper work triangle in a remodel.

4. Do you need more storage space?

It’s easy to skip over the storage issue in a kitchen when thinking about the flashy parts. But storage is a key part of any kitchen, and storage can be made as attractive as any other part of the space. You can improve the storage space in your new kitchen without having to sacrifice a specific vision.

5. What are the tops on your wish list?

Time to put together a list of the “must-haves.” There are plenty of options, such as a double refrigerator. Dual-bowl kitchen sink. A kitchen island. Open shelving. A pizza oven. List these items, put them in different columns based on how important they are, and get a sense of your big priorities. The budget will be a part of this, but you’ll already be ahead of the game when you have a more solid idea of what your must-haves are.

Now that you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to give us a crack at answering them. Call us today to arrange for an estimate on creating the new kitchen of your dreams.

Advanced Builders & Contractors has served the Los Angeles Area for more than 14 years. Call today to request an estimate.

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