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Walk-In Shower: Should Make It Part of Your Bathroom Remodel?

rainfall-shower-hot-steamWhen people decide they want to remodel their bathroom, they have many decisions to make about what to change from the old one. Adding more storage space, putting in a more stylish or useful sink, and laying down more durable and attractive flooring. But one change often looms above the others, because it can make an enormous difference in the bathroom: changing out a tub-shower combination for a walk-in shower. 

If you’re currently considering bathroom remodeling in Hidden Hills, CA, whether you should add a walk-in shower might be one of your big questions. We can give you some helpful advice in this post, but we recommend you work with our contractors to find the answer to the question. We have many years of experience handling large and small bathroom remodeling projects, and you can trust our expertise.

The Pros of a Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers are appealing and often part of new bathrooms. Here are some of the positives about getting a walk-in shower.

  • Bigger space: A bathtub creates a restriction on how much space a shower can have. A walk-in shower can take up more space, as well as unusual spaces that don’t work for tubs, like having a triangular shower constructed into a corner.
  • Easy cleaning: A walk-in shower has more flat surfaces than a tub shower, making it easier to wipe down and keep clean. This also makes it easier to prevent mildew and mold.
  • Accessibility: If you are remodeling a bathroom in a household where there are people with mobility issues, a walk-in shower is a great addition. No more having to step over a tall tub edge to manage to get into the shower.
  • More decorating opportunities: If you want to have fun with the style of your new bathroom, a walk-in shower opens up many possibilities, such as the flooring and wall material and the shower doors.
  • Flexible: A walk-in shower can be designed to fit almost anywhere in the bathroom since it isn’t locked down to the standard configuration of a bathtub.

The Cons of a Walk-In Shower

Going with a walk-in shower isn’t always the ideal choice. Here are some reasons making this change may not be right for you.

  • Less privacy: In a larger household, it may make a difference to you to have a fully opaque shower curtain blocking you off from sight. Walk-in showers are more visually open, although you can opt for opaque and obscuring glass designs.
  • More water outside the shower: Walk-in showers are not as effective at stopping water from splashing outside of them. Water can get around the doors, and there’s no high barrier preventing water from escaping if the drain starts slowly draining.
  • Higher moisture levels: Because water can escape more easily, walk-in showers create higher moisture in the room. 
  • Price: If you’re looking to do a remodel on a tighter budget, a walk-in shower may be too expensive

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