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Upgrade Your Bathroom for Relaxation

Perhaps your kids have just moved out and you finally have the bathroom all to yourself. Or maybe your morning routine has always felt uncomfortable and rushed and you feel ready for a change. Either way, if you want to upgrade to a more relaxing bathroom, we recommend calling a local contractor to follow through with a remodel. Here’s how to optimize the space for relaxation!

Prioritize Comfort

With most bathroom remodels, there are limitations as to what upgrades you can actually make. You may need to make sacrifices, which is why you should prioritize comfort if relaxation is your number one reason for a remodel.

If you decide that new spa, luxury shower with a built-in bench, or rainfall showerhead is what you need to feel calm in the mornings and at night, then follow through with that plan and make sacrifices elsewhere instead. Maybe you don’t need a doublewide sink or a shelving unit if those things are not your number one priority.


Something that often gets in the way of your ability to feel relaxed? Clutter. A bathroom that feels too crowded with belongings and décor can clutter the mind as well. Focus on one or two items for décor, and save the rest for elsewhere in the house.

Remember that bathroom-related items, especially those that do not get everyday use, do not need to be in the bathroom at all times. Medicines and other products may easily be stored outside of the bathroom.

Keep It Simple

For some people, the bathroom is no exception to a loud, fun, whole-house style. But if you really want to feel relaxed as you bathe or get ready for the evening, you might need to tone it down a bit—which does not mean you sacrifice style.

Calming, soothing bathroom colors include subtle greys, navy blue, and cream colors. Lighter colors brighten a room and make it appear more open. Keep your décor simple and let the rainfall showerhead or spa-like tub relax you.

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