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Unclutter Your Smaller Bathroom Today

A bathroom is supposed to feel clean and sanitary, so when your bathroom is a bit too cluttered, you look for ways to solve the problem. However, all of the items in your bathroom are necessities—towels, medicine, soaps—and you cannot exactly throw everything away.

So how can you unclutter a small bathroom? We offer some advice below. Call our friendly remodeling experts to learn more.

Some Bathroom Items May Belong Elsewhere

If you keep all of your pills and liquid medications in the medicine cabinet of your bathroom, you might want to reconsider. You really don’t need to keep medication in the bathroom, as long as every adult knows where to find pill bottles (though you may want a locked box if you have small children). Besides, the humidity that often collects in a bathroom may be bad for some medications.

Decorate with Care

If you have enough shelving available to display vases and other items, you may decide that fits in with your décor. Even so, too much decoration can make a small space feel cluttered. You may want to limit design accents to splashes of color instead, such as colorful tiling and trim.

And remember that storage can be decorative! Baskets on shelving can be an attractive addition that makes it easy to sort through hair care products, makeup, or lotions.

Plan Your Bathroom Remodel to Eliminate Clutter

When you decide enough is enough and it’s time for a bathroom remodel, be sure to make storage your central focus. Wide custom cabinetry is a great choice for families. We often recommend drawers with drawer organizers so that little items like jewelry and nail polish are not left on countertops.

Open shelving can make a bathroom feel a lot less cluttered. Mount shelving onto walls over the toilet and store rolled up towels and sorted and labeled storage baskets. That way you can make room for more important remodeling upgrades, like a new tub or shower.

Call the licensed contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors for remodeling services in Hancock Park and throughout the LA area.

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