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Top-Mount Vs. Under-Mount Bathroom Sinks: A Quick Guide

Designing a bathroom is tough, as there are so many different options for layouts, tiling, shower type, cabinetry, and much more. When it comes to the sink, there are actually all sorts of options, including pedestal sinks and wall-mounted options.

Today, we’re going to look at two types of sinks that sit atop your cabinetry and tend to be most popular: top-mounted sinks and under-mount bathroom sinks. Either could be a great option for your home, but see why you might go with one or the other in the guide below.

Top-Mount Sinks

A top-mount sink, also called a drop-in sink, is one that is designed to be installed from the top of the counter (in other words, it’s dropped in). In a bathroom, this usually means that some of the sink material will rise above the level of the countertop.

There are many advantages to choosing this type of a sink. For one thing, it could cost a lot less to put in since it slides into place and hides any rough edges in the cutout, requiring less sanding. Additionally, many of today’s top-mount sinks add flare, as a chunky edge gives a remodeled bathroom a modern look.

Under-Mount Sink

This type of sink is flush with the countertop height. Due to the nature of installation, it may cost more to put in this type of sink. But this is important to many. It gives it a nice, clean look since you won’t be able to see the borders of the basin. In addition, it’s a little easier to clean. When you’re wiping down the counter with a cloth, you can easily wipe water right into the sink.

Our verdict: We’d say that a top-mount sink is a stylistic choice, whereas an under-mount sink is the practical option. Search around for images, consider your family’s habits, and talk to a contractor to decide what is best for your needs!

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