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To Buy or To Build: 10 Benefits of New Home Construction

You want a new home, but you are debating whether you should build a new one from scratch (with the help of a great team, of course) or if you should just buy one that’s already standing. At Advanced Builders & Contractors, we know the value of seeing your new house become a home. Here are ten reasons we think you should customize a brand new home, rather than choosing one that was pre-designed for any potential buyer.

  1. Personalized floors and room layouts – You get to choose whether you want wood floors or carpeting, the number of bathrooms, the position of the kitchen, and so much more! Full customization makes such a big difference.
  2. New features under warranty – Your brand new appliances and other design features may be under warranty, so you know just who to call if something goes wrong.
  3. Better energy efficiency – From the beginning, you get to select efficient appliances and fixtures that help the environment and save you money over time, like high-efficiency heating and AC, energy-efficient windows, rain collection systems, and solar panels.
  4. Improved safety – If you’ve got children or elderly residents living in the home, you can take extra precautions for security and safety. Also, new homes don’t typically deal with issues like asbestos, radon, or mold.
  5. Lower maintenance costs – Because your home is brand new, there’s not much to maintain right away, and you won’t want to make any upgrades right after move-in since you’ve customized the whole thing anyway!
  6. No outdated systems – Everything is brand new, up-to-date, and running smoothly!
  7. New designs – You can get the latest in style and home design when you have input on the build.
  8. Better and higher quality – Developers sometimes try to cut corners with the quality of building materials, cabinetry, flooring, appliances, and more. With a custom home build, you can ensure that you have the highest quality materials.
  9. Community benefits – The community benefits from having a custom-designed home around as well!
  10. Adding your personal style – Your new home gives you a chance to express yourself.

Get started on a new construction project today! Call Advanced Builders & Contractors for home construction services in Hidden Hills and the L.A. area.

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