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Tips on Securing Your Electrical Fixtures and Fittings Using a Valve Box

Your electrical fixtures are one of the most vital systems in your building. It provides the electricity your appliances and machines need to function; therefore, it must be kept enclosed and protected at all costs. The (USCPSC) or the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission addressed that almost 31,000 home electrical fires occur yearly, with over 180 cases involving electrocution or electricity-related accidents that could have been prevented if establishment electrical safety was applied. 

Valve boxes can provide you different benefits from easy access to your plumbing systems, protection, and even for your building’s electrical fixtures. They prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing your valuable system controls, especially your electrical systems. Many valve boxes available today contain a padlock outfit that will limit access to the inside of the box. Since electrical fixtures are a susceptible and hazardous system in your commercial building, they must at all times be secured and protected. 

Here are some ways to guarantee your electrical fixtures and fittings using a valve box:

  1. Use the Correct Wattage in All Fixtures and Appliances

Utilizing suitable lightbulbs for your establishment can prevent electrical problems. Therefore, you should check all lamps, fixtures, and appliances to ensure that you are using accurate wattage for any devices. If your light fixture does not have any wattage listed, professionals would prefer that you use a 60-watt bulb or less. For unmarked ceiling fixtures, choose 25-watt bulbs. 

  1. Replace or Repair Damaged Electrical Cords

Damaged power cords are severe residential and commercial electrical safety hazards, and they can even be the cause of both fires and electrocution. You should regularly check your extension cords for any indication of cracking and fraying, and if so, they should immediately be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. 

In addition, ensure that your power chords are not stapled into place or run furniture, especially rugs or carpets. Wires under rugs can be a tripping hazard and can eventually overheat. Meanwhile, the weight of any piece of furniture can damage the cord insulation and wires.

  1. Let the Professionals Install the Valve Box for Your Electrical Fixtures

When it comes to complex installations and complicated wiring, this is where you leave these tasks for the professionals to handle. Installing your electrical fixtures inside valve boxes is not something you can DIY because, without professional insight, this can potentially cause a safety hazard for your building and the people inside it. 

  1. Install Your Valve Boxes Somewhere Safe and Secured

Installing your valve box where there is a lot of human traffic can pose some safety hazards for your establishment and its people. Especially if you have children inside your establishment, installing these in areas out of reach for them is much better. Having it in an unsecured place can be dangerous for them and can even cost you more money if injuries occur. 

  1. Paint to Match Wall Surface

If you are worried that the valve box you installed will be an eyesore in your establishment, well, you don’t have to worry. You can solve this by painting the valve box with the matching color of your wall’s surface. But also remember to put labels or warning signs to keep your electrical fixtures safe and secured.

Keeping your electrical fixtures safe and secured is necessary for any establishment owner. Installing valve boxes to support these features safe is undoubtedly a wise purchase. Not only are you allowing easy access to your electrical systems if maintenance, checkups, or repairs are needed, but you are also keeping your occupants safe and secured.

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