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Tips for a Minimalist Bathroom Remodel

There are so many benefits to choosing to live a minimalist life—or at least one where things are not the most important part of your life. Many homeowners choose to have décor and designs throughout the home that reflect the outward simplicity and zen that allows them to focus on the more important things in life and feel free of ties to meaningless items.

Maybe you’re already immersed in this lifestyle, or maybe you’re considering it for the first time. We hope this guide to minimalist bathroom remodels will help guide you in the right direction.

Declutter Before the Remodel

Before you start to get started on a remodel, it’s a good idea to start realizing that minimalist ideal. Think about whether you really need to keep old hair products, unused makeup, or several pill bottles in the bathroom. It is actually recommended by many makers of pharmaceuticals that certain medications are kept out of the bathroom—away from a source of moisture. Most importantly, throw out expired bottles and old prescriptions you no longer need.

Commit to a Light Color Scheme

Light colors make a space feel open and can help to clear your mind when you enter the space. One solid color, or a light color paired with white tile can work quite well. For some contrast, you could choose dark fixtures, darker hardware, or a black and white contrast theme may work well.

Reduce Shelving and Increase Storage

Open shelving is a fixture of certain bathroom styles, particularly in larger bathrooms, but it doesn’t always suit the minimalist style, showcasing your belongings instead of keeping them to a minimum. However, a minimalist style can still offer plenty of space, utilizing hidden areas for storage, such as cabinetry mounted above a tub.

Keep Tiling Simple

Modern subway tiles are always a beautiful addition to any bathroom, and a contrasting black tile floor could certainly add a modern, minimalist feel to the space. Keep the tiling relatively simple, without any complex tilework that takes away from the focus, the relaxing atmosphere of the bathroom.

Focus on One Statement Piece

Minimalist does not mean that a room isn’t fun. If anything, your sense of style emerges even more when you stick to one or two statement pieces or bathroom accessories that showcase your personal image. Brass or copper faucet handles, shower heads, and cabinet handles can add color and quirk to the room, while still being functional. A fun mirror that ties the room together might be a talking point for guests after a visit.

Tips for After the Remodel

After the remodel, be careful of what you move back in. Perhaps that extra hair dryer can actually be donated, or maybe you realize you’ll never use those lotions you were gifted years ago. In addition, remember to add only pieces you want to focus on. In a minimalist bathroom, knick knacks tend to get tossed out in favor of function, which is why a mirror or soap dish may be great ways to show off your style.

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