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A Timeline for Your Kitchen Remodeling

kitchen-new-remodelWhat’s one of the biggest barriers to a kitchen remodeling project? When the answer isn’t money, it’s usually time. The amount of time it takes to set up a kitchen remodel, let alone taking on the process, can seem overwhelming. This is particularly true if you’ve never had anything renovated or remodeled in your home, and you’re not sure of what kind of timeline to expect.

The fact of the matter is that kitchen remodels can take quite some time. However, with a good contractor by your side, a solid schedule can be drawn up that doesn’t interfere too much with your day-to-day life. You may have to find temporary lodging or an alternative cooking station, but your contractors can handle the rest. Here’s an overview of what that might look like.


First, there’s the most difficult task for you, the homeowner—planning it all out. This includes deciding what, exactly, to remodel, what your priorities are, and what your budget is. It involves compiling scrapbooks or pinning ideas online. You’ll have to choose your preferred cabinet and counter materials. Finally, you’ll need to research contractors, meet with your choices, and draw up all of the documents needed to begin.

Expected Timeline: Days, weeks, or months—depending on how much time you spend brainstorming before meeting with a contractor.

Ordering Materials

Next is the part of the process that can be frustrating to first-time remodelers—ordering the materials and waiting for them to arrive. Sometimes products are delayed. Sometimes you have to wait for manufacturing before more will be in stock. Or, you may order custom cabinetry or flooring. We recommend using this time to prepare for the work ahead. This includes filing for permits (something a contractor can and should help with) and establishing a temporary place to cook (or microwave) and a small cleaning station.

Expected Timeline: 1-2 months.


Demolition will take up to two or 3 weeks, depending on the scope of the project. It may only take a couple of days if you’re not knocking down walls to open up the space. After demolition comes the establishing of electrical wiring, plumbing components, and any ducts or vents that need to be moved. Then, finally, contractors can start installing the basics, like flooring and drywall after a couple of weeks. However, this may take much longer if any code violations are discovered, if pipes need to be replaced, or if dangerous electrical wiring issues are found.

Expected Timeline: 2-6 weeks.


Now, you can start on the fun part, seeing all of your desired fixtures and features moved into place. Installing the big things, like cabinets and countertops, may take weeks if you have custom measurements. But installing things like appliances, lighting, tile backsplash, and other features may only take a day or two apiece. Finally, everything is cleaned up so you can start to add the décor features you love.

Expected Timeline: 1-2 months.

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