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Think Long-Term When Starting that Remodel

It’s no secret that a lot of money goes into any remodeling job. You want your remodel to last a long time so that you don’t have to go through the whole process all over again in the future. In order to make sure this does not happen, you need professionals that will help you focus on your long-term goals for remodeling so that you don’t become dissatisfied later on. Take a look at our tips for thinking about the future with your next remodel.

  • Make a List of Priorities – Decide what’s most important to you and start there. Is it more storage space in your kitchen? A walk-in shower? A spa? Think about what’s most realistic and what will benefit you most over time. You may change your mind on something further down on the list that offers little long-term benefit.
  • Choose Energy-Efficient Appliances – Homeowners too often go after the least expensive options for appliances rather than focusing on the long-term benefits. But energy-efficient appliances save so much over time that they may offset that initial cost. They may even last longer and perform better than other appliances.
  • Choose Easy-to-Clean Floors – The floors are another area where it is not wise to cut corners. Pick floors that are easy to clean so that you don’t grow tired of caring for them over time. Many easy-to-clean flooring materials are low-cost, including laminate and sheet vinyl.
  • Make Sure Counters Are Durable – Counters too should be resistant to wear, and you should leave enough counter space for multiple people to work in the kitchen at once, if necessary.
  • Check for Warranties – When purchasing cabinets, counters, showers, and appliances, check for any manufacturers’ warranties that you can take advantage of should any problems occur in the future.
  • Know the ROI – Some remodeling tasks have a better return on investment than others. Areas with a particularly high ROI include kitchen remodels, attic bedrooms, and replacement windows and doors.

Contact the friendly contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors for your next remodeling job, and we will do everything we can to make your remodel a complete success.

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