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The Steps of New Home Construction

frame-of-new-houseBuilding your own house. It’s an exciting concept. It’s also an intimidating one. You know this is an immense project, and the first question you’ll be asking yourself is “Where do I even begin?”

We can answer this question for you. It’s a pretty simple answer: you begin with contacting a professional contractor to handle planning the construction and then doing the actual work. There are many general contractors in Encino, CA and throughout the Los Angeles Area, but one of the reasons we recommend you work with us is because we put all the steps of a new home construction under a single company roof.

Why is this so important? Why does this make us a #1 pick for new home construction? The best way to explain is to go over the broad steps of what goes into constructing a new home. Often, a general contractor will subcontract these jobs. We have the whole team for each step already together.

  • Design: This is one of the steps you’ll enjoy the most, while also feeling stressed about choices. You’ll work with our skilled architects and designers to create the plan of the house you’ve always wanted.
  • Grading and site prep: We get the area for the house ready and handle any grading necessary to ensure a level base or a specified slope. (We handle hillside construction, by the way.)
  • Putting in the foundation: This is one of the longer steps in the process. California homes must be built to high standards when it comes to foundations.
  • Framing: You’ll be surprised how much faster this stage goes. As the wooden frame of the house goes up, you will start to see your new home take shape.
  • Windows and doors: No, you don’t have to have a separate contractor do the job of installing the windows and hanging the doors.
  • Roofing and siding: Now the house really starts to emerge, at least on the outside. Important design decisions need to be made about the material used in this step, but we’ll have already planned this out with you.
  • Rough electrical, plumbing, and HVAC: Here is where you’ll appreciate having a single contractor taking care of you. These jobs each require specialists, and unless they’re done right, you’ll end up with an unlivable house—no matter how beautiful it may look.
  • Insulation and drywall: The interior takes shape as our builders put in the right amount of insulation and put in the wall surfaces.
  • Painting: Quality paint is more than just looking attractive. It also helps protect the surfaces underneath it from weather conditions.
  • Bathroom and kitchen counters and appliances: An important part of both the appearance of these rooms and the extensive plumbing involved in them.
  • Finish plumbing and HVAC: With drywall in place and the kitchen and bathroom set up, the rest of the plumbing and HVAC system can be installed.
  • Carpet and flooring: You’ll probably be feeling pretty excited at this point … it looks like a house!
  • The hookups: Connecting the house to electrical power, the water main, the sewer system, etc.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list—that would take up too much space—and there’s also paperwork and final checks involved. But when you work with us, you can relax that we will take care of everything.

Advanced Builders & Contractors has served Los Angeles for more than 14 years. Request an estimate today.

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