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The Focal Point of Your Bathroom Remodel

Designing a bathroom can be quite a pain in the initial stages. Sometimes, you just have too many ideas, and no focus directing you. Sometimes, you have only one really good idea, and you’re not sure how everything else will fall into place.

Picking out one major design feature that you really want and making it your focal point is a good way to go when you’re stuck on putting together the design of your new bathroom. Learn more about how to create a focus area for your bathroom design in the guide below!

Too Many Ideas?

We know it can be tough when the remodeling and redecorating magazines and online articles have so many stunning photos. But remember: you cannot afford to have every feature you want in your bathroom.

Take some time to fall in love with one major feature or fixture. Maybe it’s that intricate tile design in the shower that guests will be able to see through the glass doors as soon as they enter the bathroom. Maybe it’s a large vanity with elegant freestanding bowls that sit atop the counter as sinks.

Now go through your portfolio again, and look only for pieces that compliment this centerpiece, without stealing its thunder. You’ll likely end up spending less, and you’ll still end up with several pieces that make your new bathroom into the room you’ve always wanted.

Not Enough Ideas?

Chances are high that there is something you’ve always wanted in your bathroom. For many people, this is deluxe spa equipment or a freestanding tub that you can fill up and relax in. For others, a beautiful walk-in shower is an ideal replacement for the shower and tub combo.

Your new fixture should pop and emphasize the design, attracting quite a bit of attention when someone new has a look. It’s okay if the other features of your bathroom are more of an afterthought. It’s alright to have some basic bathroom features when there is something that sticks out and draws attention, and if you’re still unsure of how you want the other features to be, it’s always something you can figure out with your contractor.

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