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The Case “For” and “Against” the Kitchen Island for a Remodel

You’ve made the choice: you want a large-scale remodel for your home’s kitchen. We think this is an excellent choice. A fresh kitchen design spruces up a whole house—it’s at the center of many daily and social activities—makes the space easier to use, and can significantly increase the value of your home.

However, you have some important decisions to make regarding the new design for your kitchen remodeling in Brentwood, CA. If you have an older kitchen made with a fairly standard layout, you may be debating whether adding an island is a good plan. It seems most new homes have them standard—so why not yours?

We have some thoughts on the pros and cons of the kitchen island. When consulting with us for your kitchen remodel, we’ll help you make the right choice for your needs.

The Case For…

  • Extra counter space: Have you struggled before with handling preparations for large meals, or do you have many appliances that are taking up too much counter space space? Putting in an island can as much as double the counter space available.
  • More storage: A kitchen island brings with it lots of extra cabinet space underneath. This is helpful if you’re already using your maximum amount of cabinet storage, but it also allows you to go with a different design for the rest of the kitchen that isn’t so cabinet intensive.
  • Added seating: If you often have people eating in the kitchen or a nearby breakfast table or breakfast nook, the island adds even more seating for people, creating a freer space.

The Case Against…

  • Not enough space: Your kitchen may simply not have room for an island. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, you need at least 42” of clearance on all sides to fit an island.
  • Kitchen is less convenient: Putting in an island may not be ideal for how work flows in the kitchen. You can try to design around this problem, but the cost may not be worth it.
  • Won’t fit in the budget: You’re the master of how much you spend on your kitchen remodel. It may turn out that putting in a kitchen island isn’t cost effective: the cons outweigh the pros. Putting in the island may incur other costs you haven’t thought of, such as changing the flooring.

Trying to balance out the pros and cons of a kitchen island might seem daunting at first, but this is why you want to work with an experience building contractor—like us! We handle all steps of construction, starting with the design and staying until the last light fixture is in. Trust us to help you to make the right choices for the best possible new kitchen.

We have served as a top building contractor in the Los Angeles area for more than 10 years. We’re the people to trust with your home remodeling projects, from the kitchen and the bathroom to even more extensive projects—including new home construction!

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