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The Best Springtime Renovations to Prep Your Home for the Warm Weather

Winter and early spring have pleasant temperatures in the Los Angeles area, but things start to heat up once April comes around. You need to prepare your home for the heat waves and droughts that are just around the corner. Here are the best springtime renovations to prep your home for the warm weather of California summers.

1.   Deck/Porch Remodel

Almost every day is a lovely day in Los Angeles, but people still tend to get more active and attend more social gatherings in the summer. With that in mind, the most logical place to begin your renovations is your deck or porch. It will likely get more usage in the spring and summer, so you need to make preparations now. Here are some things you can do:

  • Paint the wood a lighter color so it doesn’t overheat.
  • Stain the deck to protect it from the elements.
  • Install screens/barriers to shade the deck and give it more privacy.
  • Change the deck/porch’s doorway to a sliding glass door (if feasible) to minimize cold air escaping your home.
  • Add sprawling furniture so guests have room to lounge in the summer heat.

You want your deck to have plenty of space and amenities for people to relax but also enough protective measures to prevent overheating. These changes will keep your outdoor hangout space cool and comfortable in the warmer months.

2.   Gazebo Construction

Gazebos, pavilions, and other outdoor entertainment structures can provide another layer of protection from hot weather. It doesn’t have to be a fancy structure with lights, a fire pit, and other features. A simple gazebo with ample space can become your backyard’s new centerpiece and a comfortable refuge from the California heat.

Gazebos also provide great flexibility for customization. You can make it a lounging area with long, booth-like seating. You can install a small grill or cooking area to create an outdoor kitchen. Some people use their gazebo as a simple overhead covering for their deck or patio. The shape and function are entirely up to you.

The only necessary feature is a reliable and robust roof. Sheet metal or asphalt shingles are the most popular choices for homeowners because they hold up well in all weather conditions.

3.   Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is often the first thing people think of when it comes to spring and summer renovations, especially in California. A pool installation is more expensive than other renovations on this list, but it could have the greatest payoff.

People gravitate towards pools during the summer for the cool relief from the heat and they also make fantastic catalysts for parties. These factors can boost your home’s value by up to 8% and turn your house into the talk of the neighborhood.

You can opt for the cheaper above-ground pool or install an in-ground pool, which opens up numerous customization options. You determine the size, shape, depth, water features, and surrounding accessories based on your needs and interests. This process can take half a year to complete, so start outlining your plans soon.

4.   Patio Extensions

If you get an in-ground pool, it could probably benefit from additional patio space. Adding a new section to your patio opens up more room for social gatherings and other amenities. Plus, a larger patio makes landscaping less of a chore. The additional area can be made of concrete, pavers, or gravel. Each material has unique benefits:

  • Concrete: Concrete is the most durable material, allowing you to make a smooth transition between the extension and your current patio. You can also stain concrete to look like other materials, such as wood.
  • Pavers: Pavers have a porous surface that isn’t as permanent as concrete. The different shapes and sizes of pavers also allow you to use your imagination and make unique design choices.
  • Gravel: Although more prep work is required, gravel is the cheapest and easiest material to install. You can also change the gravel’s outline and density as needed. For example, you might move a patch of gravel to another area to expand the patio in a different direction.

No matter which option you prefer, they all hold up well under extreme heat if you choose light colors. Concrete is the most sturdy, but even pavers and gravel can withstand years of heavy usage and blistering heat before showing signs of deterioration.

5.   Smart Sprinkler System

You should evaluate your sprinkler system and consider upgrading before temperatures get too hot. Precipitation doesn’t happen often in California summers, so your yard needs all the help it can get. A smart sprinkler system could revolutionize your landscaping practices and make your yard healthier than ever before.

Smart sprinklers provide constant weather updates, giving you more time and information to work with. They also automatically adjust sprinkler timing and frequency based on how much water the surrounding area needs. All that’s required is a stable internet connection to keep the system running.

Other smart home technologies like thermostats and refrigerators are also worth considering, but a smart sprinkler system should take priority for LA residents. Droughts are no joke here.

6.   Quality Ceiling Fans

Now we move indoors to focus on improving your home’s air quality. New ceiling fans can bring numerous benefits to your home this summer:

  • Maintain constant air circulation, preventing rooms from getting hot and stuffy.
  • Give a steady breeze that makes the environment more comfortable.
  • Operate more quietly than air conditioners.
  • Use less energy than AC, helping the environment and your wallet.
  • Take up less space with more styling possibilities.
  • Provide an additional light source.

You can install fans outdoors as well, making them more versatile than other air circulation tools. Simply put: fans are awesome and your home should have a lot of them. However, you should use them in tandem with an air conditioner.

7.   New HVAC System

As great as ceiling fans are, they don’t lower a room’s temperature as effectively as air conditioning. Chances are good your California home already has a capable HVAC system, but have you done the proper maintenance? Check off these boxes to make sure your AC is in working order:

  • Replace the filter.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Make sure drip pans are draining properly.
  • Test the system’s noise level.

Make sure your home’s warranty covers the repairs if you notice any problems. If it doesn’t, you should consider upgrading to a new HVAC system. It will improve your home’s temperature and air quality, provide better efficiency than your previous system, and have more modern controls. You can establish different temperature zones, monitor humidity levels, and troubleshoot issues more easily.

Start Your Renovations Now

April has arrived, and extreme heat is close behind. Start your renovations now so you’re prepared when the dog days of June and July set in. Provide your guests with sufficient shade with an upgraded deck and gazebo. Install a swimming pool to bring the neighborhood together. Improve your patio and sprinkler system so your yard can handle everything.

Your indoor environment could use some adjustments as well. Get new ceiling fans to promote air circulation and consider investing in a new HVAC system to keep your home cool and comfortable. These renovations will have your house ready for the warmest temperatures that California has to offer.

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