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Storage Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom-remodel-shower-sink-rusticIf you’re thinking about bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA for your house, you’ll have many choices to make, from the general style of the new space to what amenities or luxuries you want (such as a walk-in shower to replace an old shower-tub combination). Having the right remodeling contractor makes these jobs much easier, and you’ll find we’re one of the best in the area for the job.

In this post, we’ll look at some important considerations for storage in a new bathroom. Overlooking storage can lead to a remodeled bathroom that looks great but isn’t as functional as you need it. We’ll help you to find your ideal storage solutions, starting with the advice below.

Is more storage a priority?

This is an early question to ask yourself, and you probably already have an answer. You might be choosing to remodel entirely because of the lack of storage in your current bathroom. If storage isn’t a major concern, you may wish to stay with the current layout of cabinets and shelves, only making substitutions for style considerations. If storage is a priority, make sure you tell this to your contractor; they can come up with ideas for storage improvements you may not have thought of.

Sunken space storage

One of the best ways to expand storage in a bathroom is to add sunken spaces. You don’t have to deal with cabinets taking up room (or cabinet doors that swing outward), and sunken storage areas offer opportunities for interesting designs, such as tile-backing. Many homeowners find sunken storage most helpful in a redesigned shower. 

Open shelving: is it right for your remodel?

Open shelving is a major trend in home design. You’ll often find open shelving in kitchens, but is it something that you can also apply to a bathroom? The answer is yes, but it’s a change we recommend you approach with caution. Opening shelves can bring a great sense of space, but they can also lead to an appearance of clutter. It takes extra effort on your part to create a clean look with open storage, and bathrooms can create much more clutter than a kitchen. Imagine toothpaste tubes, medicine bottles, and stacks of toilet paper all on display. If this doesn’t appeal to you, open shelving may not be the right choice.

However, if you want to put in some work to organize bathroom storage, open shelving may be what you need to create a fresher and more expansive remodel. The right contractor can help you find ways to make open, or “unconcealed,” shelving work better for you. 

Storage under the sink

Choosing the new sink for a bathroom will have an impact on storage, which you may not realize at first. For example, if you’re considering a pedestal sink, you’ll have to surrender under-the-sink storage. Some designs for vessel sinks also lack under-the-counter storage, which creates a sense of more space in the bathroom at the expense of extra storage. 

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