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Staying Organized with a Kitchen Remodel: It Won’t Be Easy

As home construction and remodeling contractors, we will be the first to tell you that remodeling a kitchen or any room of the home can be a messy job. There’s no way around it; although we try to be as clean as possible, you will be faced with some amount of dust, debris, and general clutter around the home while your contractor works.

Hiring a complete team for your remodel helps to cut down on the mess a lot, as the job can get done faster and your crew can make recommendations ahead of time and take the proper precautions to keep clean. For now, we’ve provided this list of a few ways you can feel a little more clean and organized during your remodel.

  • Plan, plan, plan: We can never emphasize this step enough. Make sure you know exactly what you plan to have done so that you can set a schedule and know approximately when you can return to your normal routine. Purchase all of the supplies you’ll need to stay organized ahead of time, including plenty of boxes and labels, and probably some snacks and quick-fix meals for all of those days spent without a working oven.
  • Have a system: Pull everything out of the drawers one-by-one and decide what you want to do with each item. Label boxes for food, pots and pans, etc., and make sure the items you’ll need during the remodel stay within reach. Throw away anything that is broken or that you don’t use anymore. Anything that is not a kitchen item (like mail and paperwork on the counters) should find a new home, like in an office or a desk drawer.
  • Stay healthy: There will be dust and debris in the kitchen and it could possibly go to other rooms as well. Make sure vents are properly sealed and that you  keep anyone with allergies away from the construction.

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