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Speaking Up During a Remodel: Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard!

When it comes to a major remodel, hiring a contractor is the way to go if you want to make sure everything goes according to plan. However, the contractor should not be expected to make all of the decisions for you. While another person’s opinions may be of benefit, it’s important to make sure that your voice is heard so that you end up loving the room you’ve remodeled. Here’s our advice for making sure your ideas are at the forefront of any remodel.

Don’t Let Someone Else’s Ideas Overshadow Your Own

Some of the best advice we can give a homeowner is this: trust your gut! If you are unsure of a certain aspect of the design of your new room, it’s a great idea to ask someone else for advice. However, if you have your heart set on a specific color, material, or design, don’t let someone else’s opinion sway yours too quickly. You want to love the room, so whether it’s a dramatic color accent or a kitchen island that you’ve had your eye on, don’t rule it out unless an expert tells you it’s not possible for your space.

Insist on Seeing Samples

When you and your contractor decide on a new color or material, you have to be sure that you get a good look at it first. Don’t trust the look of a particular material as it appears in a magazine, or even the color of the countertops on display at the store. Bring a sample into your home and look at it underneath your lights and alongside your appliances and fixtures to make sure it’s right.

Speak Up If Something Looks Wrong

Yes, your contractors know what they are doing—but they are not mind readers. If you’re having second thoughts about a design aspect, say something! Your general contractor may be able to help you paint over a color that doesn’t appear right, reposition a sink faucet to your liking, or change the layout of your shower. And make sure everything works properly before you send the crew home for good. Test outlets, sinks, and other fixtures for performance and durability.

The number one way to make sure your kitchen remodel goes well is to hire a quality contractor to do the work. Call Advanced Builders & Contractors for comprehensive remodeling services in the Los Angeles, CA area.

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