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Some Unusual—But Possibly Great—Ideas for Room Additions

new-room-additionWe’re in a major phase of home remodeling here in Southern California as more people change the way they use their living spaces, only to discover they need to change the living spaces along with them. The biggest boom when it comes to room additions in Los Angeles, CA is the dedicated office space to make work-from-home easier. 

But there are many types of room additions to consider if you’re looking to expand your home to meet changing needs or just to make the house more enjoyable to live in. Playrooms, new bedrooms, a new bathroom, an entire second floor… these are all popular ideas that we’ve explored before

Today we’re going outside the box a bit to examine some unusual room addition ideas. These might not have leaped to your mind at first, but one might be the exact expansion to your house that you’re looking for.

A music room

Once upon a time, in vast English manor houses, music rooms were common because music had to be performed live. There’s no reason you can’t have a dedicated music room today, especially if you have musicians in your household. This is a room for the piano, the guitars, the drums, the amps, the wall of synthesizers and anything else your home’s maestro needs.

Home theaters

From music lovers to movie lovers: a dedicated home theater is a wonderful way to enhance the entertaining experience in your house. The room can be specially built without windows (but still have ventilation) to allow for maximum enjoyment. You can put in enough space for a digital projection television and have the surround speakers set into the walls of ceilings. Some people have even added in small bars as part of the experience. 

A tiny house

The “tiny house” craze doesn’t have to be limited to people seeking to live as small as possible. A tiny house makes a great addition to a larger house as an escape and relaxation area. A place where you can go to “scale down” your world and maybe enjoy reading or relaxing on your own. And it can serve as an extra bedroom when you have guests without the need to build a full guest house. 

The collector’s room

Do you have a collector in your family who needs a space to put those items on display? Books, paintings, antique knives, vintage toys: these are just several collectible items that can make for a stunning display room—which also gets these items out of the rest of the home and definitely frees up space.

A conservatory

This is a room with a glass wall and partially glass sloping ceiling, allowing extra light to come in. think of it as a sunroom that goes an extra distance. These additions work well if you already have a porch area that can be encased and transformed. If you aren’t using that porch much, maybe changing it into a conservatory will give it new life.

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